Tentech – When education is no longer just a “learner”

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2021-03-22 16:21:55

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

In terms of education, we can talk all day without ending, but the surprising thing is, the stories related to education that have been flooding the newspaper in recent times, are the stories that no one would do. proud.

Tentech and amazing innovations for the online education industry

The keywords “buy points”, “cheat” … kept appearing, without leaving a country, as if laughing at the old education that we are insisting on.

If those stories are too big, imagine yourself in the next 10 – 15 years, assuming you are married then, assuming you already have a child and suppose You need to learn a skill, a certain subject to serve in the future. What options do you have?

Trying to organize work and family for a full-time course? Anyone would try to do the same, but not everyone can arrange it. Even if you can, it is unlikely that you will be financially able to afford such a course, let alone the efficiency of the course.

How about taking online courses? Of course, it’s not a bad option, but who will grant you the certification, and if you have it, how many companies will approve it?

And you would think, wish you could study online at home in your spare time, continue with your current job, take care of your family and still be able to get a degree that is widely recognized.

Sounds perfect, sounds like in some distant future, when even in the present, the people who drive the boat of Education are still working on fixing the holes in that boat.

In fact, that future is already within reach.

For hundreds of years, we have been accustomed to classrooms filled with students and dust-covered books, then to the Internet, when the limit of knowledge is not limited to just four walls or book covers. Have we ever had access to knowledge like this? Do we need anything more when CourseHero, Coursera offer online courses on almost anything?


When the excitement of having access to the vast wealth of knowledge subsides, you realize that even though you have spent money on the entire course, how difficult it is to complete it, even if When done, you are not sure that you may need to use all of the knowledge in it, then as mentioned above, how can the company be sure that you have completed those courses, and then cooperation between teacher and student …

You wish you had something better for studying, or better than studying on the Internet. As you may have guessed earlier, the answer to the above problems is Blockchain.

TEN is a project with the ambition to combine Blockchain with education, aiming change the way people teach and learn with the power of communities, opening a new era for online education worldwide. But how do they do it?

Whenever you intend to apply Blockchain in any field, reiterate the advantages of this technology in storing information:

  • Can’t fake
  • transparent
  • Invariant

About qualifications

Of course, Blockchain is designed to resist data alteration. Information in the blockchain cannot be changed and can only be supplemented with the consensus of all nodes in the system, so Blockchain will be a safe, transparent, accurate and indefinite place to store all of the student’s data and information

Interaction in Learning – Blockchain technology promises to bring direct interactive communication between teachers and students. In the 2017 Education Block Joint Research Center report, the European Commission affirmed that blockchain is an excellent solution for online learning, where virtual technology is combined with real-time and face-to-face communication..

Payment and sponsorship – Blockchain can allow students to pay education fees with cryptocurrency, which will remove barriers such as limited access to a bank account or credit card depending on each individual. nation.

Smart contracts – when learners take the initiative

Smart contracts are born to solve the problem of breaking promises. A smart contract is a normal contract with life in it. In a normal contract, two or more people agree on certain conditions they are required to keep.

Hung is a freelancer working with Smith. One of the conditions they agree to is the payment.

Normal contract

* When the project is offered, we will pay you $ 2000

Here Smith has a pay option. Hung can take him to court. Can you imagine the rest of the story.

Smart contract

If the project is offered

A $ 4,000 transfer from an authorized John’s account cannot be changed

Here, Smith has no choice. If the job is done, the money will be transferred from his account. Now imagine how smart contracts can help students.

If 15 lecture on topic X

Charge students $ 100

If a majority of students agree that lectures are not provided, no student will be charged. Students now hold the leverage for universities to act honestly.

The aforementioned smart contract can be deployed on multiple computers around the world (Ethereum Blockchain). The smart contract, once deployed, cannot be changed. No single entity can control the entire deployment. Hence, blockchain allows building a democratic system.

Personalize learning curriculum

This is the era of portable mobile devices. The advent of mobile apps has made learning more engaging and enjoyable. Now you can find a mobile app for almost anything from travel, accommodation, shopping to finance, and even study. Phones have become an essential part of everyday life. With the help of the mobile app, you can literally start learning wherever you are.

TEN focuses on building short, well-structured lessons, especially the use of artificial intelligence technology to optimize learners’ efforts, ensuring they can learn the most useful things. for myself.

So, who are the people behind this ambitious project?

The TEN project was formed and led initially with only a few individuals. However, at this time, the group included 23 people. To answer fully “Who is TEN?” Here are some of the core TEN members that built the project:

  • Laney Ho CEO, Co-Founder: With over 16 years in the field of financial analysis and corporate governance, Laney soon saw potential and became a blockchain advocate. Working experience: Mega International Commercial Bank, Citibank, Viet Dragon Securities Corporation, …
  • Jason Nguyen Co-Founder: More than 10 years of experience in financial analysis and online education. Working experience: Viet Dragon Securities Corporation, KiwiGroup, Unica, Edumall, …
  • Dzung Vu – CTO: More than 20 years of experience as an IT engineer and manager in the fields of networking industry, Finance, Human Resources. Working experience: Cesti, HQ Investment & Consulting, Innovative Solutions, …

Development roadmap

TEN has built ideas, researched feasibility, received feedback and evaluation from consultants and completed within 1 year from October 2017. After that, TEN focuses on building products and plans to launch the Beta in Q3 2019, and is scheduled to continue to improve the product and add features until Q4 2020.

And most recently, don’t forget that the GDEM (TEN Token) presale will take place on Coineal Launchpad, starting from 8:00 on May 20 (UTC) and ending at 8:00 on May 23.

After the pre-sale ends, GDEM will be traded on Coineal. Listing date will be announced later.

/ Presale GDEM Events /


  • Time: 8:00 May 20 – 8:00 May 21
  • Sales volume: 31,250,000
  • Price: 0.06 USDT
  • Referral bonus: 5%

Wave 2

  • Sales volume: 10,750,000
  • Price: 0.066 USDT
  • Referral bonus: 5%

3rd round

Time: 8:00 May 22 – 8:00 May 23

Quantity for sale: 8,000,000

Price: 0.072 USDT

Referral bonus: 5%

Note: The hardcap and softcap for an account are 2000 USDT and 100 USDT.

Information about GDEM token

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Release time: 2018

Issuing price: 0.05 USD

  • Official website: https://tentech.io/
  • Whitepaper: https://tentech.io/static/document/TEN-WHITEPAPER.pdf
  • Telegram: https://t.me/tentech_global
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/tentechio
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9v5ur8TSkPnG19MSziABZA/featured

Note: Cryptocurrencies are investment products with high volatility and risk. Please read carefully before making an investment decision.

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