TenX (PAY COIN) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  All information about TenX electronic coins

TenX (PAY COIN) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info All information about TenX electronic coins


2021-03-22 13:59:15

TenX overview (PAY)

Like other cryptocurrencies, TenX (abbreviated as PAY) It is also built on Ethereum platform and operates on the standard COMIT protocol. Decentralized secure smart contract (DSS), TenX users can adjust spending limit, withdraw money … through Smart Contract. We help users to pay transactions safely, quickly, easily and most of all, the cost is greatly reduced. TenX (PAY) is also one of the other tokens participating in the race to become a Crypto debit card. In addition, TenX is compatible with any digital asset to connect all Blockchain in a decentralized way.

TenX was offered an ICO offering on June 24, 2017, after that fundraising, the company raised $ 1 million. Job TenX development for COMIT integration fundraising into their services, to promote additional research projects and wallet offerings on webApps, iOS and Android. The cardholder will receive the cash back TenX credit card.

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All information about TenX (PAY)

The project was an unexpectedly successful pre-sale and raised nearly 100,000 ETH (equivalent to $ 35 million at the time). However, this information has not been verified as there is no specific address for TenX wallet.

Some information about TenX’s ICO:

  • Token price: 1 ETH = 350 PAY
  • The amount of tokens to be sold is 80%
  • Number of tokens to be sold immediately is 51%
  • The amount of tokens that will be deposited to the community over time is 29%
  • Company retains 20%
  • ICO goal: 200,000 ETH
  • Token holders will receive back 0.5% of their value when paid with TenX card (PAY)

Tenx technology

In addition to the standard protocol COMIT and DECENTRALIZED SECURITY SMART CONTRACT (DSS) as mentioned above, the TenX developer will work with Ethereum and Bitcoin (and all ERC20 tokens), Dash, along with many other future cryptocurrencies.

Tenx Development Team (PAY)

The development team consists of many young and talented members from many countries around the world and according to some information, among the investors in TenX coin has Ethereum founder Vitalik ButerinAlthough this information has not been confirmed, Vitalik is currently a partner of Fenbushi investment fund and this fund is investing in TenX, the development team includes:

  • Toby Hoenisch: Co-founder and CEO
  • Michael Sperk: Co-founder and CTO
  • Paul Kitti: Co-founder and COO
  • Warren Goh: responsible for the production
  • Bettina Schmidt: in the role of managerial and HR operations
  • Tuhina Slingh: Blockchain development
  • U-Zyn Chua: Blockchain development
  • Martijn Buurman: Blockchain Development

Tenx Development Team (PAY)

TenX Wallet

TenX wallet is available on Android, iOS and the web. This wallet currently supports a number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and ERC-20 tokens. Previously, you could not access the private keys in your wallet, but they are securely protected. TenX storing them in a mix of hot (online) and cold wallets (offline), these storage solutions are on par with industry standards. Once the wallet was integrated with the COMIT network at the end of 2017, you have complete control over your private keys.

TenX Wallet

You can make the transaction using either TenX app or TenX debit card. Unlike some other crypto tokens, all of your crypto assets remain secret until you actually make the transaction.

TenX Wallet

TenX Payment Platform

TenX has released developer tools, businesses and traders to connect to the COMIT network. This will help TenX expand beyond debit cards and experiment with other asset classes like ETFs and financial products.

TenX Payment Platform

Transaction fees and rewards with TenX

There are currently no fees for transactions with TenX. You are only charged a one-time issue fee of $ 15 for the physical card and $ 1.50 for the digital card. There’s also no annual fee to use the card unless you’re spending less than $ 1,000 in a year. If you don’t reach that minimum, you will be billed $ 10.

TenX offers two ways to earn rewards: reserve PAY tokens and use TenX tokens.

PAY token holders will receive Ethereum for every transaction on the network TenX. 0.5% of total trading volume is paid out monthly to PAY token holders. As the network and transaction volume increase, these payments will occur more often with the goal of pay-per-hour.

Similar to most credit cards, you also get 0.1% each time you using a TenX card. This bonus is also paid out by paying you, you can either keep holding it to receive the previously mentioned bonus or sell it on the open market.

On which exchange is TenX (PAY) being bought and sold?

On which exchange is TenX (PAY) being bought and sold?

Currently, according to Coinmarketcap, there are about 14 exchanges listed TenX (PAY) with a variety of exchange pairs such as PAY / BTC, PAY / ETH, PAY / USD, PAY / KRW….

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What is TenX? What is PAY?

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