‘Terminator’ Hyundai Grand i10 revealed: Perfectly beautiful design, equipped with hegemony in the low-cost car segment

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2022-09-23 18:36:42

Daihatsu Ayla known as the “twin brother” of Toyota Wigo, sold in the Indonesian market. During the Gaikindo Indonesia International Motor Show, this hatchback model suddenly appeared with a new and fancy appearance. According to the Japanese automaker’s introduction, the model introduced at this exhibition is an electric-powered concept to serve the needs of moving in crowded urban areas. If produced commercially, this model will threaten the position of Hyundai Grand i10 and Kia Morning.

Daihatsu Ayla EV can become “Terminator” Hyundai Grand i10 and Kia Morning if produced commercially

Daihatsu Ayla The EV is one of nine Daihatsu models on display at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Motor Show. As the name suggests, Ayla EV is the pure-electric version of Daihatsu Ayla – a popular cheap A-class hatchback in Indonesia.

The Japanese automaker revealed that the Daihatsu Ayla EV is developed on the basis of the Toyota Wigo and Ayla petrol engine versions. On the Daihatsu Ayla EV pure electric version, there is a 32 kWh battery pack installed under the car, a reinforced suspension system. The manufacturer has used an electric motor with a power of 60 kW (equivalent to about 80 hp) to replace the 4-cylinder engine, 1.2L capacity on the petrol Daihatsu Ayla version.

Although Daihatsu has yet to announce the range of the Ayla EV, it is expected that this electric hatchback can travel at least 20 km on a full charge.

In terms of overall design, Daihatsu Ayla EV is still the same as the petrol version but more modern with 6-spoke dual-spoke alloy wheels, 2-color sport paint, door handles sunk into the body, traditional rearview mirror replaced by digital cameras. Black paint is used for all the columns of the vehicle. At the rear of the car, the “destructor” Hyundai Grand i10 has a rear bumper that is different from the petrol version and a “C”-shaped LED taillight cluster.

Inside the cabin, Daihatsu Ayla EV still has the familiar design style of Toyota Wigo, although the design has been changed slightly, with more modern details. Specifically, Daihatsu Ayla EV is added with a rather large gearshift knob on the center console, a small screen for the air-conditioning system, an infotainment screen with glossy black borders, a digital instrument panel. number behind the steering wheel.

In particular, Daihatsu Ayla EV has 2 more small screens at the 2 corners of column A to display the rearview mirror image that the external digital camera captures.

Although Daihatsu Ayla EV is just a concept and has not been produced commercially, the Japanese automaker does not deny the possibility of selling this model to the market in the future. This is certainly something that can make petrol models like the Hyundai Grand i10 and Kia Morning worry.

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