Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info  Complete set of virtual currency TVK

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info Complete set of virtual currency TVK


2021-03-23 01:39:39

Terra Virtua (TVK) price, marketcap, chart, and fundamentals info

Terra Virtua is a multi-platform NFT ecosystem for the mass market. The project offers a regulated marketplace and NFT platform where NFT creators, entertainment brands, and collectors can interact.

The platform spans the web, PC, and mobile AR / VR environments.

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What is outstanding about Terra Virtua?

On the surface, Terra Virtua is an NFT platform built for storing and displaying digital collections. But if only possible, an NFT platform is probably lacking.

Some of the ingredients come to life as the ecosystem Terra Virtua is active.


With their 3D NFT, Terra Virtua is tackling the multibillion-dollar collectibles market. Those who acquire the collection not only buy but also display models for themselves and others. Terra Virtua has brought this concept into the virtual world with Fancave a digital space for displaying and sharing collections.

The Fancave is one of the ingredients used most of eco Terra Virtua. The project received some great feedback from original users about its experience, and how it reshaped their idea of ​​collection. But that’s not enough, because:

  • It is supposed to be a small, personalized space
  • You cannot store your spaceships, cars, monsters, or planes in it

That’s why Terra Virtua’s jewel is called Terradome. An enormous space for much larger collectibles like spacecraft was born.

Terra Art Gallery (Art Galleries)

Since its launch, Terra Art Gallery has received a lot of appreciation from both the Crypto world and Traditional Art. Terra Virtua has sold an independent artist’s first $ 3,000 Work of Art and is ready for many more upcoming works.

The project is upgrading the Terra Art Gallery with two new parts: Preview and Exhibition. So, with the updated plan, Terra Art Gallery will be divided into 3 specialized parts:

  • Available: This section will keep the current view of the gallery, where you can browse all the art available for sale in the stunning 3D PC gallery and add them to your favorites list, to later buy them from the website.
  • Preview: The previews will be the pinnacle of the Artists released in the Terra Art Gallery.
  • Exhibition – Exhibition: Where selected artists, artwork, and wallet items across different crypto art communities will be displayed, regardless of the fact that they have (or were) part of the birth system. Terra Virtua or not.

What is TVK coin?

TVK is good Kolect is the unility token for the Terra Virtua ecosystem. TVK owners will have access to specific functions of the website, getting it to complete specific tasks like quests and farming them to get unique NFTs.

Basic information about TVK copper

Ticker TVK
Blockchain Ethereum
Contract 0xd084b83c305dafd76ae3e1b4e1f1fe2ecccb3988
Token Standard Unility token
Token type ERC-20
Total Supply
Circulation supply 88,660,097 TVK

Token allocation

distribution of tvk tokens

Token issuance schedule

  • Business Development & Partnerships: 3% unlocked on day 0, daily vesting 30 months
  • Ecosystem Reserve: 3% unlocked on day 0, daily vesting 30 months
  • Rewards (existing NFT holders, early supporters): 100% will be unlocked on release date
  • Team: Lock 12 months, daily vesting 33 months
  • Equity investors: Lock 12 months, daily vesting 33 months
  • 2018 round: 20% unlock on day 0, daily vesting 6 months
  • Seed: 15% (unlocked) on day 0. Then, after 1 month, 3% weekly for 24 weeks with the last week being 10%
  • Private I: 20% (unlocked) on day 0. Then, after 1 month, 3% weekly for 24 weeks with the last week being 5%
  • Private II: 20% (unlocked) on day 0. Then, after 1 month, 5% weekly for 15 weeks
  • Public (Auction): 100% unlocked on release date
  • Marketing: 3% unlock on day 0, daily vesting 30 months
  • Advisors: Lock for 1 year, daily vesting for 15 months

TVK Token Sale

  • Seed: 70,000,000 TVK, 0.005 $ / TVK
  • Private I: 251,250,000 TVK, 0.008 $ / TVK
  • Private II: 13,636,379 TVK, $ 0.011 / TVK
  • Public (Auction): 8,750,000 TVK, 0.012 $ -0,015 $ / TVK

What is TVK coin used for?

TVK is the source of energy for Terra Virtua, opening up a world of privileges, experiences and opportunities. Over time, Terra Virtua will launch features including:

  • Prestige Club: Stake TVK joins the project’s exclusive Prestige Club Terra Virtua Prestige to earn NFT airdrops, collectible rewards, previews, TVK bonuses and additional platform features.
  • Rewards: The more work on the platform, the more rewards you will get. Complete contests, quests, transactions, administer and manage and get the NFT and TVK reward.
  • Create: Create your own digital collections and fan tokens using the platform’s Terra Forma tools. Enhance your brand or monetize your creations and skills on the platform.
  • Farm: Use TVK to farm NFT exclusive, tradable not available anywhere else.

Which floor is TVK traded?

Currently TVK is commonly traded on Uniswap and Bitmax. In addition, until 16:00 (VN time) Binance will list TVK and open trading pairs TVK / BTC and TVK / BUSD. If you want, you can buy it up there for easy.

TVK copper wallet securely

This is an ERC-20 token so it’s pretty easy to find a suitable wallet for example: Trustwallet, Ledger Nano X, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask.. Or you can store it directly on an exchange, where you bought that token. Remember to turn on full security.

Evaluation of the potential of Terra Virtua (TVK)


  • Gary Bracey (CEO): He has experience in project management, design, marketing, contract negotiation, sales management. Formerly president of Digital Sports Arena, Commercial Director Kuju Entertainment

tvk team


terra virtua advisor


Terra Virtua raised $ 2.5 million to create the first mass-market NFT Ecosystem. Privte round is backed by leading funds including Woodstock, Hashed, NGC Ventures, LD Capital, Twin Apex Ventures and others.

terra investor


Partnering is also an important part of Terra Virtua’s strategy. They cooperate with major brands around the world.

They` have signed contracts with several brands including The Godfather, Top Gun, World War Z, Lost in Space, Top Gun (+ sequel!) And Pacific Rim. There are also many areas in music, sports, fashion and influencers.

partner terra virtua



Should you invest in TVK dong?

NFTs can be used as a store of value, allowing holders to use them as collateral for crypto loans. Farming TVK will also be an option with specific NFTs offering an additional APY or bonus increase. In the short term, a fancave can be an income generating tool like a showroom.

Terra Virtua is an active platform and their team is responsive and helpful. Are digital collections the future of NFT? It may be too early to tell, but Terra Virtua makes a convincing argument.

Please review and fully evaluate the project before you want to invest!

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