Terrified by the clip of the car driver repeatedly crashing into his ex-wife, the reason behind the anger of the fans

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2022-07-23 19:08:41

(CHK) Just because of blind jealousy, the male driver drove a car repeatedly into his ex-wife when he saw her going with another man.

On July 20, a tragic accident happened at the area of ​​​​2/9 road in Da Nang, leaving one person seriously injured. According to initial information, the cause of the above accident was jealousy between the ex-husband and his wife.

Specifically, according to the testimony at the investigating agency, the car owner, Mr. D (born in 1987), said that while moving to the above area, he happened to meet his ex-wife, Ms. (born in 1992) is riding a motorbike with a man named VH (born in 1988).

Although he was divorced, Mr. D continued to hold on to his feelings for Ms. H, but was not allowed to. By this time, seeing that Ms. H was close to another man, Mr. D got jealous and drove his car straight into his ex-wife’s motorbike.

The accident left one person seriously injured

The sudden impact from behind caused both VH and NH to fall to the road. However, not stopping there, her ex-husband continued to drive his car several times towards Mr. H. After that, the male driver quickly drove away from the scene. Meanwhile, due to repeated collisions, Mr. VH was seriously injured and is currently receiving emergency treatment at Da Nang Hospital. At the scene of the accident, the motorcycle was also heavily damaged.

After receiving the news, Hai Chau District Police quickly arrived at the scene and investigated and clarified the cause of the collision. On the same day, the authorities arrested the person responsible for this accident. Through the initial confession, the male driver D is currently being detained for investigation of murder.

Terrified by the clip of the car driver repeatedly crashing into his ex-wife, the reason behind the anger of the fans
Fans are outraged by the car driver’s barbaric behavior

Currently, the clip of this accident is still attracting the attention of the online community. Below the clip, many people expressed outrage at the dehumanizing behavior of the male driver. In addition, there are also many opinions that it is necessary to severely punish this driver for his intentional murder.

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