Tesla started accepting payments in Bitcoin, and the price of BTC immediately skyrocketed

Tesla started accepting payments in Bitcoin, and the price of BTC immediately skyrocketed


2021-03-24 16:05:50

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The world’s largest electric car maker, Tesla, now accepts that customers pay in Bitcoin. Immediately after the announcement above, the cryptocurrency market in general and Bitcoin in particular began to “green” again with the price of BTC soaring by $ 1,000.

Specifically, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla cars can now be purchased with Bitcoin. He said the company will operate the Bitcoin nodes directly and will keep those Bitcoins without converting them into fiat.

Tesla first announced plans to accept Bitcoin for its products in early February, after spending $ 1.5 billion on purchases. Bitcoin. The company’s BTC payment option will only be available to customers living in the U.S. for the time being.

Elon Musk emphasized that Bitcoin earned through the sale of the company’s vehicles will not be converted to fiat, which shows that they are not only used as a means of exchange but also as an investment tool.

By running its own dedicated Bitcoin nodes, Tesla will join a global network of P2P operators and synchronize the Bitcoin blockchain.

Tesla website visitors from a US-based IP address will now see a new Bitcoin payment utility added to the site’s payment options. The impact of Tesla’s adoption of Bitcoin may have been felt on the cryptocurrency market today. Coincidentally this news is Bitcoin value has increased by more than 4% from $ 54,056 to $ 56,335.

Tesla’s Bitcoin terms and conditions state that Bitcoin is the only digital asset that Tesla accepts for payment for its products at the moment.

“You cannot make purchases with us with any other digital asset, including Bitcoin fork products, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Our Bitcoin digital wallet is not configured to detect or receive digital assets other than Bitcoin ”- the terms stated.

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