Test drive the car, sign a contract at home, VinFast takes care of customers “to the teeth” in the middle of the epidemic season

Test drive the car, sign a contract at home, VinFast takes care of customers “to the teeth” in the middle of the epidemic season


2021-05-18 11:31:22

EASYugh sick Covid-19 outbreak come back lately has been impact next many fields and professions in general and market cars in particular. Faced with this situation, with philosophy pick customer centered, VinFast decided to offer a form of door-to-door service for customers.

Accordingly, customers anywhere You can register easily and conveniently through the website, Customer Care switchboard, VinFast Vietnam Facebook fanpage or through the sales consultant of showrooms and distributors for on-site service. A caregiver will then contact you to confirm specific needs and schedule an appointment. VinFast sales consultant will bring the car to you location of customers to advise and help they experience, llove try car. Service process for guests are all done right procedure, Procedures like when driving test at showroom and make sure full provisions on pandemic safety.

In addition, VinFast also gives priority to customers who buy cars on installments when opening an online loan limit approval website at just https://shop.vinfastauto.com/en/tcb.html. The website has a friendly interface, easy to use, customerblow need a a computer or smartphone with an Internet connection and follow a few simple steps can send information suggestions loan to the system.

This form of online loan application submission and approval not only brings convenience to customers during the procedure, but also helps them manage their loans.loan in a transparent, easier way by knowing the information about interest rates and monthly repayment schedule. How to borrow online also completely confidential and helping customers limit human contact because they do not need to go to the bank to do procedures.

“The epidemic broke out, my wife and I limited the use of company cars, so there was a need to buy a separate car to go to work every day. However, we really don’t want to the showroom because is limited to the place public, crowded. When contacting VinFast, I have be introduced to the home service program and receive arrange calendar experience the Lux A2.0. Showroom staff is already bring the car to noh, disinfect, wear a mask and ensure a safe distance during the car experience, Mr. Manh Hung (Hanoi) – one customer said.

Test drive, sign a contract at home, VinFast takes care of customers

Anh Hung further emphasized that the way to buy a car and approve online installment loans is completely simple and easy to do. He did not need to go to the bank, instead used a computer and followed the instructions to complete the procedure. Thanks to that, Mr. Hung can buy the desired car in the form of installment payment, just sitting at home.

With cflexible yoke and in accordance with the actual situation, VinFast continues to show the image of a dedicated car company, always put the customer at the center in all service activities, in order to bring maximum satisfaction to customers. Currently, VinFast is still providing the best perks in the market for its customers, such as a 5-year or 165,000 km warranty for Lux cars; 24/7 free rescue during the warranty period; Or free parking every 6 hours at Vincom and Vinhomes facilities nationwide

In particular, in May 2021, VinFast is implementing a special stimulus program for Lux A2.0 cars, with incentives ranging from VND 30-50 million for Standard, Advanced, Premium, and premium versions. to the opportunity to own a luxury sedan of size E with the price from only 851 million. In addition, customers can also save a lot of money if they use the voucher for Vinhomes buyers to buy VinFast cars, or sell used cars or buy VinFast cars through the program Exchange old for new with Smart Solution.


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