Thai motorcycle model launched with price from 50 million, Honda PCX 160’s ‘nightmare’

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2022-10-29 01:55:06

(CHK) The rival of Honda PCX 160 has just appeared with a price of only VND 50 million, making people stand still.

Recently, the famous car company GPX in Thailand has launched the all-new GPX Drone 2023 model in the domestic market. GPX Drone 2023 is open for sale with a starting price of 77,500 baht (equivalent to 50 million VND). At this price, the GPX Drone 2023 will certainly put a lot of pressure on rival Honda PCX 160 in this market.

GPX Drone 2023 impresses with its sporty and aggressive design. Carrying the typical DNA of the maxi-scooter line, the GPX Drone 2023 attracts the eye with its aggressive, angular front end and bold cuts. Besides, GPX Drone 2023 also has LED headlights combined with daytime positioning lights and turn signals with a unique design. Moving to the rear of the car, GPX Drone 2023 has a Y-shaped turn signal cluster with 3D design.

Not only has an eye-catching appearance, the GPX Drone 2023 is also highly appreciated for its equipment and features. Accordingly, the GPX Drone 2023 is provided by the Thai car company with a full LCD instrument cluster, Smartkey smart key, a front storage compartment with integrated USB charging port and a spacious storage compartment under the saddle.

In addition, to ensure safety, the GPX Drone 2023 is equipped with a single disc brake with a diameter of 220 mm and 260 mm respectively on the front and rear wheels. However, unfortunately, GPX Drone 2023 is only equipped with CBS brakes to evenly distribute braking force to both wheels instead of ABS anti-lock braking system.

The “heart” of the GPX Drone 2023 is a 149.5cc, liquid-cooled engine block. With this engine block, the GPX Drone 2023 has impressive power and performance, not inferior to any competitor in the same segment.

Currently, GPX Drone 2023 is available at dealers in Thailand with 5 different color options. However, unfortunately, GPX Drone 2023 is only genuine distribution in this market.

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