Than Trung, a Vietnamese horror game set in folk legends, impresses with its beautiful graphics

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2021-03-27 02:18:34

Than Trung is a horror game set in Vietnamese folk legends developed by Dung CT – Live Game and members of Team Dut (DUT Studio). Recently, the first trailer of this Vietnamese horror game was released, making gamers excited and excited.

In Than Trung, gamers will come to Hanoi, a prosperous capital, but full of mysterious stories.

Opening the trailer is a scene of pouring rain, the main character is in an old dormitory with no one. When entering the hallway of the house, a door suddenly opens by itself, with a horrifying blood color that makes viewers unable to stop chilling. From the room there was a coffin with the voice of someone crying. The strange thing is that there is a beautiful girl sitting at the window but then mysteriously disappeared and a few moments later suddenly appeared strange with blood stains in the eyes, startling viewers. At the end of the trailer, a newspaper with the news “Hanoi, The Secret Between the Capital, a family of 5 died in 1 night” revealed to viewers about a terrible accident of a family.

At the end of the trailer appears a newspaper with the news "Hanoi, Mystery Between the Capital, a family of 5 died in one night"

Dung CT shared that the content of Than Trung will revolve around the story of a young man trapped in an unending nightmare in his own inn.

Than Trung has beautiful graphics with black-red main color tones, depicting all familiar things of Vietnamese daily life. In the game appeared many creepy sounds mixed with the background of the song “Doi Thong Hai Mo” by musician Hong Van. All constitute an extremely impressive horror game segment, bringing a lot of excitement and expectations from gamers.

As expected, Shen Chung will be released in the fourth quarter of this year.


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