The 10 most expensive YouTube stars in 2021, the attraction is stronger than Hollywood stars

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2022-02-02 03:34:33

Overall, the YouTube community will earn about $300 million in 2021. Forbes said that this was a huge 40% increase from the previous year, mainly thanks to increased views on YouTube channels.

But YouTubers rarely have a single source of income. They are successful in part because of their sponsors and earn money by promoting their products. Besides, to increase the ability to make money, all these stars have their own branded product lines.

1. MrBeast

Thanks to skyrocketing views, MrBeast’s 2021 salary day is almost double that of last year’s number one – Ryan Kaji with an amount of 29.5 million USD. Forbes recorded the amount of money MrBeast earned in 2021 was 54 million USD.

In 2021, MrBeast has a remarkable MrBeast Burger project, providing MrBeast branded meals from 1,600 restaurants nationwide. MrBeast handles the marketing, driving the burgers to nearly 90 million YouTube subscribers. Then he split the profits from the order with the restaurants. To date, the operation has sold 5 million pieces of bread.

After gaining worldwide attention in 2018, MrBeast’s value skyrocketed exponentially over the next two years.

MrBeast is the highest earning YouTuber in 2021.

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MrBeast’s “Squid Game” video became his most popular video.

Based on MrBeast’s growing popularity on the platform, some reports say he can earn $40,000 a day just from YouTube content. Besides, MrBeast also receives huge amounts of money from famous sponsors who want to advertise in his videos.

MrBeast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson, born in 1998 is an American YouTuber and businessman. He is known for pioneering the video genre revolving around expensive stunts.

In addition, MrBeast is also “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist”. He started donating when he received sponsorships from companies. At one point, MrBeast walked around the city and gave $1,000 to many homeless people in the area. As his popularity grew, so did the amount of money Donaldson gave away.

2. Jake Paul

Returning to the list of high-paid YouTube stars, Jake Paul comes in at number two with a figure of $ 45 million, largely thanks to the power of income from boxing. The last time he stood on this team was in 2018 with an income of 21.5 million USD.

He has fought three public fights in 2021 with the MMA fighter pair: One against Ben Askren, two against Tyron Woodley. Jake Paul won them all. According to MMA Junkie, Jake was paid $2 million for his fight with Tyron Woodley.

Forbes adds that Paul has made a total of $40 million before taxes from three boxing wins in 2021. $5 million has come from Jake Paul’s other efforts, including videos.

Winning helped Jake Paul flourish in his boxing career while increasing his net worth. “Boxing is a natural fit for Jake Paul. He himself is no stranger to controversy”, the writer of Forbes identify.

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Jake Paul is the 2nd highest earning YouTube star.

Jake Paul used to be one of the most popular names on YouTube until his brother Logan (now #9 on the list with $18 million) posted a video in December 2017, which was filmed in the famous Japanese jungle. suicide site. Viewers disgusted the video and backlash fell on both Paul brothers.

Sponsors stopped collaborating and YouTube also turned off monetization in the two brothers’ videos. When he failed to earn income from video ads, Jake Paul was devastated.

Now that he can monetize ads again, Jake Paul posts less often than before and mainly uses the website to market his boxing career. This job accounts for nearly 90% of the total income of the boxing star born in 1997.

Jake Paul started his career in video in 2013 and was hired by Disney channel. He was fired by the company after two seasons. After that, he focused on his own YouTube channel. Before officially turning 25, Jake Paul shared on his personal page that he was the highest paid athlete under 25 years old.

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Most of Jake Paul’s income comes from boxing.

3. Markiplier

Few social media stars can ship goods like Markiplier, who has seen strong sales of t-shirts, hoodies and other items tied to his Unus Annus video series.

This is the main reason Markiplier’s earnings nearly doubled from the previous year. Currently, Markiplier is listed at number 3 with an income of $ 38 million.

The Unus Annus video series is the result of a collaboration with fellow colleague Ethan Nestor-Darling and has been running on Markiplier’s channel since 2019. A year later, Markiplier intentionally deleted them.

In 2021, Markiplier shoots a TV adaptation of “The Edge of Sleep,” the post-apocalyptic horror he originally made into a podcast in 2019. The project doesn’t have a “home” yet, so Markiplier hopes to sell the series. movies for a company like Netflix or Hulu at the end of the year.

Markiplier (born 1989) whose real name is Mark Edward Fischbach, is known as an American YouTuber, podcast host and filmmaker. He cemented his reputation by documenting himself playing horror or indie games.

The 10 most profitable YouTube stars in 2021, the attraction is stronger than even Hollywood stars - Photo 5.

Markiplier ranks 3rd on the list of highest paid stars on YouTube.

4. Rhet and Link

American comedy duo Rhett (born 1977) and Link (1978) are known for creating and hosting the Good Mythical Morning video series on YouTube. The program has grown to help drive their views and earnings on the platform.

In the latest ranking of Forbes, the duo ranked 4th with an income of 30 million USD. They’ve been on track every year since the American business magazine started ranking it in 2015.

One of their most successful efforts is Mythical Kitchen. This is a series about cooking with its own host, Josh Scherer.

The duo’s other initiative is the Mythical Accelerator fund, through which the duo plans to invest $5 million in other YouTubers. They made their first deal in 2021, contributing an undisclosed sum to upstart Jarvis Johnson.

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Rhett (left) and Link (right) define themselves as two of the big boys of YouTube.

5. Unspeakable

With millions of subscribers and billions of views across channels, Unspeakable (real name Nathan Graham, born 1997), has built a YouTube empire since 2012. Over the past year, Unspeakable has earned an amount of income. 28.5 million USD, making him the 5th highest paid YouTuber. This is also the first time he appears on this list.

Unspeakable once shared that posting videos on YouTube was not just a hobby until he received his first month’s salary. “It’s $165,” he said. Even Unspeakable didn’t know it was possible to earn from this platform before.

The video game Minecraft has been a monetization avenue for Unspeakable and other content creators since its 2011 release, especially because of its enduring popularity.

In addition, other YouTubers named respectively include Nastya ($28 million), Ryan Kaji ($27 million), Dude Perfect ($20 million), Logan Paul and Preston Arsement ($16 million). In which, the rankings of users including Ryan Kaji, Dude Perfect and Preston Arsement decreased compared to the previous year.

10 YouTube stars make the most money in 2021, the attraction is stronger than even Hollywood stars - Photo 7.

Unspeakable was first named in the list of the highest-earning YouTubers of the year. fbclid=IwAR3p3P8CrgxGnAFdQkZQjzG3id9tUqBbW2ADSmhAC_gOd3gcd3A3O3M6UhQ

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