The 75 EA titles that have appeared on the Microsoft Store are codenamed Rosebud

The 75 EA titles that have appeared on the Microsoft Store are codenamed Rosebud


2021-03-26 14:43:10

An extremely scooping piece of information for the global gaming community has just been published by a series of major news sites, which is that EA Play is likely to officially appear in Xbox Game Pass PC. The proof is that a series of EA titles have appeared on the Microsoft Store through the mysterious alias “Rosebud”.

Unlike the console business, Xbox Game Pass for PC hasn’t really reaped the necessary returns from the games currently available in EA Play. This problem is believed to stem from the fact that a suitable, efficient game distribution platform and process for the PC has yet to be deployed.

With EA Play being run through Origin, there are quite a few problems arising because, according to reports, Origin does not support connecting to a Microsoft account to perform the necessary checks that the user owns the Game Pass Ultimate.

Instead, EA games must be uploaded to the Microsoft Store to facilitate the implementation of the necessary verifications for Game Pass Ultimate users who have access to this additional game volume.

As can be seen in the past few months, both Microsoft and Electronic Arts have been very active in taking the necessary steps to upload their PC-compatible versions of games to the Microsoft Store. All of these games will be marked under the Rosebud codename.

What’s also interesting is that in addition to the list of 75 titles from EA Play, the codename Rosebud also includes the FIFA blockbuster 21. This game is not currently available in EA Play, but the above sign can be considered a possible FIFA 21 launch hints in EA Play or Xbox Game Pass.

Currently, there are no details about when EA Play will come to Game Pass Ultimate on PC, but with the expectations of the gaming community, that day is probably not far away.


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