The 79-storey building in the center of ‘China’s Silicon Valley’ suddenly shook even though there was no earthquake

The 79-storey building in the center of ‘China’s Silicon Valley’ suddenly shook even though there was no earthquake

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2021-05-19 05:31:03

The Emergency Management Bureau of the city of Shenzhen said it had received reports that SEG Plaza, a 20-year-old building with 79 floors nearly as tall as the Empire State Building in New York (USA), was being damaged. wobble.

The office said there had been no quake in the city when the shaking occurred around 1:50 p.m. on May 18. Local weather reports also show wind speeds in Shenzhen at around 27km/h, a speed that cannot cause the shaking of tall buildings.

SEG Plaza is the fifth tallest building in the area and is located in the heart of Hua Cuong Bac, the world’s largest electronics and hardware components market. This is also the place that was once called the “Silicon Valley of China”.

According to video clips shared on the social network Weibo, hundreds of people were seen rushing out of the building. There have been no reports of casualties, injuries or property damage.

Buildings in Shenzhen shake abnormally.

Chen Wei, a hard drive supplier at SEG Electronics Market affiliated with SEG Plaza, said he did not feel any shaking but was asked to leave the building with the others. “One of my friends who was in the building said he noticed the water bottles on the table started to shake”, Chen said. He said there were also evacuations from nearby buildings and road traffic was temporarily blocked.

Ji Jialin, a manager of Segmaker Space located on the 14th floor of the building, said the emergency happened during her lunch break.

“Seems like the shaking wasn’t strong on the 14th floor… we all got out with the others by taking the stairs,” he said. Ji said.

In a post on its official Weibo account on Tuesday, the Futian district local government said the building’s management received reports from tenants at 12:31 a.m. of feeling the building vibrate. moved on. They then quickly informed the people inside of the building about the emergency evacuation. By 13:55, everyone was safely evacuated.

By 6pm on the same day, the traffic on the ground around the building had resumed. But the barricades were still in place and many people gathered to take pictures of the building from the outside.

Lu Jianxin, a chief engineer with China Construction Science and Industry Corporation, was quoted by the local Shenzhen city newspaper as saying the shaking could be due to a “resonance” effect.

“If it weren’t for the earthquake today, it would be unusual for SEG Plaza to have such a situation,” Mr. Lu said. “Judging from the available information, this could be a coincidence of frequencies, i.e. resonance.”

Mr. Lu added that the incident will be formally investigated to confirm the reason behind the shaking. It is rare for buildings to wobble in a way that people can feel, experts say.

The building remains closed to anyone on the afternoon of May 18, and fire trucks have been ordered to park outside the building. A police officer said they have not received any messages about when the building will reopen.

SEG Plaza is located in the center of Huaqiangbei Electronic Market, Shenzhen City, China.

The Chinese online community has had many controversial opinions about the incident, but most of them are demanding an investigation soon and the results will be published widely. However, there are also many people who are still optimistic and playful.

“It’s like the Shenzhen real estate market, up high and in danger of collapsing!”, a waltz user.

“A butterfly on the seashore across the hemisphere just fluttered its wings,” Someone pulled out the butterfly effect to explain the problem.

“I was a bit scared when I watched the video. It was strange and unusual.”

According to a Weibo post by the City’s Housing and Construction Office posted late in the day, SEG Plaza stopped shaking at 1:30 p.m. and no safety abnormalities were found in the main structure. of the building and its surroundings. The office representative reiterated that there were no cracks in the ground, as well as the building’s internal steel structure and its decorative surfaces were in normal condition. The cause of the tremor is still under investigation.

Completed in 2000, SEG Plaza is 355 meters tall including antenna height. In the global height ranking of skyscrapers, it is the 104th tallest building in China and 212th tallest in the world. The building is owned by Shenzhen SEG, a listed company controlled by the Shenzhen state property supervision commission. The share price of this parent company has plummeted after the news of the incident spread.

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