The AAG international undersea cable has been repaired

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2021-10-14 07:17:04

Asia America Gateway (AAG) is an undersea fiber optic cable that was put into operation more than 11 years ago, in November 2009. With a length of 20,191 km, the AAG cable directly connects Southeast Asia with the US.

The countries and territories that this undersea cable route passes through include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam (the cable branch turns into Vietnam with a length of 314km, the landing point in Vung Tau), Brunei, Hong Kong (China). , Philippines and the United States (Guam, Hawaii and California). Although many times encountered problems, but so far according to experts, AAG traffic is still used by many domestic carriers at a large rate.

In 2021, the AAG undersea cable route had problems on June 22 and July 19. These incidents were completed on July 12 and August 20, respectively.

However, just before that, on August 11, the cable management unit discovered a new fault on the S1B segment from Hong Kong to Singapore of the AAG undersea cable. Therefore, from the middle of August, only the AAG capacity to Hong Kong has been restored, the AAG capacity of Vietnam – Singapore continues to be lost.

The cause of the new incident on the AAG cable line on August 11 was determined to be a cable fault in the S1B segment. The management unit of the sea cable route sent ships to repair, but for many reasons, the expected time to fix this problem was continuously delayed, from September 22 to October 6 and was completed recently. 2 days, at 10 pm on 10/10.

With AAG has been repaired, only the AAE-1 undersea cable route is still having problems and is expected to be restored in the first week of November. (Artwork)

Put into operation since July 2017, the AAE-1 cable has the role of improving quality towards Europe and the Middle East as well as providing additional capacity and redundancy towards the connection direction to Hong Kong (China). , Singapore. With AAG having restored 100% of the transmission channel on the route, at the moment, only the Asia Africa Europe 1 (AAE-1) undersea fiber optic cable line (AAE-1) is faulty, causing service interruptions.

On September 4 and September 7, respectively, the cable route failed on the same two segments on the S1H cable branch – the backbone between Cambodia and Thailand. The cause of these problems was determined to be power leakage on 2 segments S1H.3 and S1H. These incidents have disrupted Internet connections from Vietnam to Singapore and Europe on the cable route.

The schedule of repair and troubleshooting on the AAE-1 undersea cable route has been announced by this undersea cable management unit to Internet service providers in Vietnam (ISP) in Vietnam on September 13. . Accordingly, the AAE-1 cable is expected to be repaired from November 2 to November 14.

However, in the new information shared with ICTnews, a representative of an ISP in Vietnam said that the time to complete the repair of errors on the AAE-1 cable route will be shortened, with the new repair schedule still from November 2, but the expected completion time is on November 6, 1 week earlier than the original plan.

During the time when the AAG and AAE-1 cable lines had problems, in order to minimize the impact on the quality of international Internet services provided to customers, network operators in Vietnam immediately implemented a rescue and supplement process. capacity, transferring connection traffic to other undersea cable routes as well as to land cable directions.

In fact, because the two undersea cable lines AAE-1 and AAG both interrupted service at the beginning of the new school year, many schools simultaneously organized for students to study online, so there was a situation where teaching, Online learning is affected by poor network quality, especially when most of the traffic has to go abroad because many schools use Zoom.

“This problem was soon discovered and promptly corrected by the network operators, from opening the capacity to compensate and replenish, as well as flexibly prioritizing service quality within the time frame of e-learning.” , a representative of the Vietnam Internet Association said.

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