The advertisement is full of ridicule of the Apple M1, but Intel is looking forward to producing M1 chips for Apple

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2021-03-24 23:43:02

Although not a huge customer of Intel, but the replacement of Intel processor with the chip maker Apple M1 is also the chip manufacturer is not satisfied. Last week, the company launched an advertising campaign against Macs using M1 chips with star Justin Long – who has appeared in the commercials against Apple’s Windows computer before.

Ironically, after the popular advertising campaign above, Intel said it was looking to produce that self-designed chip for Apple in the future.

New Intel CEO, Pat Gelsinger has revealed some details of Intel’s future plans, including the establishment of a separate chip processing business called “Intel Foundry Services” and two chip factories. under construction in Arizona. In the future, Intel wants to become an important chip outsourcing firm in the US and Europe, making chips for other companies.

When discussing Intel’s new intentions, Gelsinger said the company’s plans include pursuing Apple as a potential customer, to make Apple’s custom chips.

Currently, Apple is relying entirely on TSMC to produce the A series for its iPhone and iPad as well as custom Apple M1 chips for Macs and other devices. Given Apple’s habit, this is seen as a potential risk, and once Intel has reached out, Apple may well want to embrace to diversify its supply chain.

The advertisement is full of ridicule of the Apple M1, but Intel is looking forward to producing M1 chips for Apple - Photo 2.

Different from other chip outsourcing competitors, Intel Foundry Services will provide a combination of both today’s leading chip machining and packaging technology, as well as the ability to manufacture in the US and Europe – what competitors others like TSMC and Samsung have yet to. In addition, Intel said it is capable of providing a variety of intellectual property, including x86 cores, ARM cores as well as for the emerging RISC-V ecosystem.

The plan to start Intel’s chip processing business also comes at a critical moment: the world is experiencing its worst chip drought in recent years, impacting virtually every sector and every major company in the world. This problem lingers in the future as demand for chips in every sector, from consoles to trucks, is growing rapidly and Intel’s new business can catch up.

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