The all-new Yamaha Grande 2022 was released: Beautiful design, more fuel-efficient than the old one

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2022-09-25 06:44:08

First launched in 2014, Yamaha Grande has resonated as a pioneering product line of Yamaha applying Blue Core engine, opening a trend of using high-end scooters. With the launch of this 2022 version, Yamaha Motor Vietnam introduces to Vietnamese consumers the all-new Yamaha Grande model, with a design concept based on the message “Shining timeless beauty”.

The all-new Yamaha Grande has just been officially launched

The new design of the Yamaha Grande 2022 is a harmonious combination of classic and modern elements, possessing graceful and gentle curves, all to enhance the elegance and elegance of the car as well as the person. driving, bringing a timeless, timeless beauty. The car is equipped with a Blue Core Hybrid engine and many new utility features, including the Y-connect smartphone application.

With this version, Yamaha Motor Vietnam positions Yamaha Grande 2022 as a car in the high-end segment, possessing a youthful and fashionable appearance but equally luxurious and sophisticated. Therefore, the target customers of Yamaha Grande 2022 will be young, dynamic and elegant Gen Z women. They are self-reliant, independent people who always aim to make subtle choices for their lives. Therefore, Yamaha Grande 2022 will definitely be the ideal choice and a reliable companion for modern young girls.

Inheriting the inherent elegance from the old generation, the design of the Yamaha Grande 2022 still exudes a modern look with graceful curves running along the body, bringing timeless beauty with 3 styles: Dynamic, seductive and graceful.

The Yamaha Grande 2022 uses a modern LED system, featuring a unique combination of the main light cluster in the shape of a diamond and the LED strip that creates attraction and shine on every road.

The new saddle is smoothed, both enhancing the aesthetics and helping the driver to be more comfortable. The rear seat angle is adjusted to be higher, combined with the rear handlebars for a comfortable and stable rear seat position.

The “heart” of the Yamaha Grande 2022 is an air-cooled, 125cc Blue Core Hybrid engine with a capacity of 8.3 PS at 6,500 rpm and maximum torque of 10.4 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The engine is supported by an electric power steering system (Hybrid) to increase traction for the engine, clearly showing its effectiveness when the vehicle climbs slopes and carries more people. The fuel economy of the Yamaha Grande 2022 is very respectable with a consumption of 1.66 L / 100 km, which is more optimal than the 1.69 L / 100 km of the old generation and helps this scooter model continue to hold its position. 1 position in Vietnam market in terms of fuel economy.

In addition to its beautiful design and unmatched fuel economy, the Yamaha Grande 2022 also impresses with a series of outstanding features such as: Y-connect – connecting the car to the phone to help users receive notifications from your phone while driving and better monitor the vehicle’s condition, digital clock face, phone charging port and convenient storage compartment, smart lock system (only on premium and limited versions). term), the newly designed saddle incorporates a rear handle, a spacious storage capacity of 27L with LED lights, the fuel tank cap is placed in front so that users do not need to get off the car when refueling.

Price of Yamaha Grande 2022

Yamaha Grande 2022 has 3 versions including Standard, Premium and Limited with the corresponding selling price of VND 45.9 million, VND 50.3 million and VND 51 million, respectively. Compared to the old generation, the price of the new Grande has increased slightly but is still a “bargain” for Vietnamese customers when there are many impressive improvements.

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