The AMD giant will not prevent Ethereum mining on its GPU

The AMD giant will not prevent Ethereum mining on its GPU


2021-03-22 04:29:40

In stark contrast to rival manufacturer Nvidia, AMD will not try to prevent miners from using its latest GPUs for cryptocurrency mining, especially Ethereum.

Hardware giant AMD has no plans to make any restrictions on the cryptocurrency mining capabilities of its graphics cards, the company officially announced during the preliminary report call for Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card on March 17.

Nish Neelalojanan, AMD’s product manager, said:

Our short answer is no. We will not block any workload, including cryptocurrency mining.

Nvidia, AMD’s sole and primary competitor, recently announced that it will have restrictions on GPUs in Ethereum mining. However, the company subsequently accidentally published a developer driver version for the RTX 3060 GPU, allowing users to bypass the Ether hash rate limit.

While AMD’s new GPUs can be used for mining, they aren’t the best option. For comparison, high-end cards based on AMD RDNA 2 infrastructure allow users to mine Ethereum with a hash rate of around 58-64 MH / s, the Nvidia 24GB GeForce RTX 3090 can reach speeds of up to 120 MH. /S.

Ethereum’s GPU mining landscape is gearing up for change, with gamers and miners always worried about the limited supply of GPUs in the market. In the short term, Nvidia has been trying to impose restrictions on its GPUs, which could leave Ethereum miners unintentionally.

In the long run, both Nvidia and rival AMD are looking to make specialized chipsets geared toward crypto enthusiasts. However, the problem will eventually be resolved when Ethereum moves to Ethereum 2.0. The long-awaited upgrade will help the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency move to a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. Hence, GPU mining becomes obsolete.

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