The AP news agency stores the results of the new US President Joe Biden’s election on the Ethereum blockchain

The AP news agency stores the results of the new US President Joe Biden’s election on the Ethereum blockchain


2021-03-22 08:57:58

The Associated Press (AP) news agency has permanently stored the results of the 2020 US Presidential Election on Ethereum and EOS blockchain.

The AP news agency marked the victory of the new US President Joe Biden on the Ethereum blockchain

The AP news agency today (November 8) reported that Joe Biden won the US presidential election on the blockchain. To do this, AP has partnered with Everipedia, a blockchain company that is developing a decentralized encyclopedia.

According to Everipedia, the idea of ​​posting the results of the 2020 US presidential election on blockchain stems from the reality: “In an era of fake news, the need for an accurate source of information has never been as great as it is today in”.

The AP posted news that Mr. Biden would become the new US President after he won the “battlefield state” of Pennsylvania, bringing the required number of electoral votes above the 270 threshold. uses OraQle software (running on Chainlink) to upload on Ethereum and EOS blockchain.

The current President Donald Trump has denied the results made by the media, calling Joe Biden’s election victory “fraud”. Regardless of the hypotheses of opacity in state vote counting, and whether or not one state decides to recount, Everipedia will use the AP’s results to post it on the blockchain, for now. that Mr. Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America.

Everipedia President Sam Kazemian explains his company’s decision as follows:

“First of all, the AP is the most reputable source of the US presidential election results since 1848. They have reported every presidential election since then. Most people don’t know this. AP is a non-partisan and non-profit news agency, not part of the “mainstream media” as many people think. “

Mr. Kazemian also said that OraQle “did not comment on the legitimacy and democracy of the election results”. He said:

“Many people are wrong to think that because the results are posted on the blockchain, they will be accurate and final, but it is not. Legality will be determined by the whole system, not by the source. “

The idea of ​​putting information on the blockchain is not new, which has been used by many people in the past to transmit highly censored information to the Internet, utilizing an immutable feature of blockchain to ensure communication. News cannot be modified. In 2018, a peace declaration between North Korea and South Korea was also posted on the Ethereum blockchain, along with news about the #Metoo movement in China.

According to Decrypt

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