The bend according to the ‘metaphysical ellipse’ algorithm has been rounded

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2021-04-02 08:52:52

In recent days, the new Xiaomi logo has become a hot topic of discussion. Accordingly, the Chinese telephone company spent more than 3 years selecting and hiring Japanese designer Kenyan Hara at a cost of 2 million yuan (about 7 billion) to design a new logo.

However, it takes a lot of effort and money, but the new Xiaomi logo receives many comments saying that … is no different from the old logo.

In fact, the biggest difference in the new logo lies in the softer curved outer border. Meanwhile, the typeface and color remain almost the same.

In particular, to create a “soft curve” for the new logo, designer Hara has used many technical processes. In it, he used the mathematical formula “superellipse” for the new logo and had to adjust the variables to get the optimal dynamic balance in terms of visuals, giving the perfect balance between squares and circles.

  Xiaomi's new 7-billion-dollar logo 'surrenders' to Facebook: The bend according to the 'super elliptical' algorithm has been rounded - Photo 2.

Superellipse is super ellipse. Is a curve like an ellipse, has some properties like an ellipse, but the overall is different. The shape is not as flattened as the ellipse, but closer to the circle. It was discovered by a French mathematician Gabriel Lamé and depends on the formula to change from something like a four-pointed star to a shape that looks like a rounded square.

However, despite that sophistication, as soon as Xiaomi simultaneously changed the profile picture on the company’s Facebook page with the new logo, it was automatically converted to… circle.

  Xiaomi's new 7-billion-dollar logo 'surrenders' to Facebook: The bend according to the 'super elliptical' algorithm has been rounded - Photo 3.

A lot of funny comments under the new logo renewal activity of Xiaomi:

خدمة وسيط Waseet Maroc: Where’s the new Xiaomi logo?

Sopheaseth Tang: The logo changed so much I couldn’t see it!

Xavier Cbt: Looks like this is not a new logo.

King Michael Solano Pili: This is the old logo, right.

For their part, Xiaomi and designer Hara both have a very convincing explanation with the new logo.

“Don’t worry, Xiaomi not only changed the logo from square to round, but also changed the ‘internal spirit’ as well as the brand’s mindset. Rest assured,” CEO Lei Jun replied to a reporter at the press conference. new logo introduction.

The new logo, he explained, emphasizes a new identity the company will bring in the future.

With the new design, the corners of the logo have been softly rounded, looking like smartphone app icons.

In addition, the designer Hara himself said: “The new logo is not simply redesigned, but it also represents Xiaomi’s internal spirit. This design basically reflects the notion of originality. “alive”.

Regarding the name “Alive”, Kenya said this phrase can convey and visualize Xiaomi’s opinion and mode of operation, bringing a new identity to the meaning: People are alive. ) very in tune with technology – something man made.

That makes technology more soulful and is an indispensable part to meet human needs. The talented designer also emphasized that this is the perfect idea for Xiaomi, the brand that has brought a lot of conveniences to humanity thanks to a series of their technological innovations and inventions.

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