The best and most meaningful wishes for Vietnamese physicians day 27/2

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2021-04-29 22:43:52

Every year, on February 27th, we celebrate the good values ​​of the medical profession in Vietnam. Meaningful greetings are an indispensable spiritual gift, helping doctors to gain more confidence. , happy and proud. We invite you and CHK to refer to the wishes of the Vietnamese physician’s day February 27 to share gratitude and congratulations to the medical profession.

1. On the occasion of Vietnam Physician Day, I would like to send to all those who have been working in health, happiness and success. Wishing everyone the good traditions of the industry and always worthy of the honor of society – “A physician is like a gentle mother”.

2. You are the savior of many people. Thank you for choosing to be a doctor and saving many lives. Wishing you a Vietnamese Doctor’s Day healthy, happy, happy and peaceful.

3. You are doing a great job, bringing health and joy to everyone. Wish you always have plenty of health and happiness in life.

4. On the occasion of Vietnam Physician Day, would like to send the most profound thanks and gratitude to the physicians. Thank you doctors who are always dedicated and dedicated in saving lives.

5. Saving people is one of the hard work, but we always put our trust in doctors and doctors. Hopefully, the doctors and doctors are always worthy of the saying “Medicine as a mother”. Wishing everyone a meaningful and happy Vietnamese Physician Day.

6. You inspire many people with your life, the love and care you give to your patients is something that every individual should learn from. Happy Vietnamese Physician Day.

7. “A physician is like a mother”, “A physician is like a gentle mother”, the medical profession is always sacred and noble. Wishing all those who work in the medical industry always be healthy, drunk and happy.

8. Hope that every day is also a meaningful day for those who work in the same day as today. We wish those who have been, are and will be physicians – a virtuous and noble profession – always enthusiastic and full of vitality to continue dedicating their efforts to serving the sick.

9. Pure white color of the Master’s shirt

Good-natured heart, day and night, radiating fragrance

Helping people to keep going on the road

Herbalist – From humble baggage form

Fresh green leaves, yellowish leaves

Overcoming life immense illness

The heart incubates smiles

Heart prevents drops falling into the brain

Heart glowing with roses

Doctor’s heart is immense human love

10. Like a flower blooming in the middle of life

Gently you come to the sick

No need for magic

The white-shirted fairy flew into the realm of the world

11. An old tree that lives in the hospital

Meditating next to the houses

The sound of birds singing here is very strange

Why not dream like in the park

Where are the young buds to make love?

Early into the leaves spread the sunshade rim

Day calls wind and night with people awake

As understanding physical pain in the world

Desire to miss the great wind

Still quietly making trees in the hospital

Green lifelong, green consecration

Making oxygen cylinders increase human life!


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