The best saying about June, June is full of love

The best saying about June, June is full of love


2021-05-29 22:44:39

In May with scattered showers, the beginning of the summer sun is about to pass, we are about to welcome June again with the heat, the drying, the sun on each red phoenix branch covering the sky. June is also a time with many memories for youth, students will enter an interesting summer vacation, but for students of grade 9, grade 12, they will begin to enter an important transfer exam.

Here are the best quotes about June, greetings to June full of love, please refer.

Hi June

  • Hello June! Hello to the sweltering sweltering heat of summer. It’s hot like this, what to wear to cool down.
  • Hello June, the month of budding love that is as timid as spring, of the separation of school age with so many memories with teachers and friends.
  • June is here, the time when everyone feels overwhelmed with memories and then earnestly wishes to return to the days of worry, worry, and thoughtlessness with friends and teachers.
  • In June, each person has their own direction and is busy “sprinting” to complete their race.
  • When June came back, I suddenly realized that calling a “friend” only made the corners of my eyes sting. Calling a name also feels like starting to be so far away.
  • June is full of regrets
    The season of parting is burning with sweetness
    Scattered memories, the cicada has a sad melody
    Soothe the soul in June brings…

Good sayings about June

Good sayings about June

1. In June, the season of the romantic purple mausoleum, the season of the red phoenix covered the sky, making anyone who has looked at it also anxious and entangled. Bang Lang, phoenix in June makes nostalgia and memories suddenly rush back.

2. Summer really only comes when there is the sound of cicadas and the sunlight shines on the bright red phoenix clusters. Hello, June girl has a heart of fire color, always keeping a smile as warm as the sun and as gentle as the wind.

3. It’s me, the little girl in June
Likes to roam, stubborn and stubborn
The girl of the sun, the blue sky, the white clouds mây
The girl smiles often but tears easily fall.

4. June brings with it the fiery red of the phoenix cluster in the corner of the yard, the sweet faithful purple color of the mausoleum at the end of the street. The golden rays of sunlight tinkled in front of the porch, the clear sky was high and far away, hurry- June has knocked on the door.

5. Woke up one morning, suddenly realized that June had waved hello.

6. June welcomes us with bright early sunshine, sweltering heat. Opening my eyes, I just wanted to wake up quickly to find something cool to cool myself down.

7. Looking at the line of people with sunglasses covering their faces jostling each other on the dusty road. Everyone was busy hurrying home quickly, escaping the hot summer afternoon sun. So the month of June is here.

8. What to do in the middle of the hot summer sun of June, we sit at home and turn on the air conditioner and enjoy.

9. To my active June girl, if anyone asks me why I like the sunny June so much, I will boldly say that that month is you.

10. Sadness is brought out to dry in the midsummer afternoon sun, evaporating up with clouds. So it will be fun again.

Stt about June

Stt about June

11. June is so peaceful when being with family and relatives, eating cool ice cream together and traveling to distant seas.

12. To me, June is like a faithful lover, always clinging and refusing to go.

13. Always remember in June of the year when you could go back to your hometown, hide from your grandmother and go to the forest to pick sims, pick tamarinds, and be free to swim in the river with your friends. I miss it so much, someone give me a ticket back to my childhood.

14. I hate June because it brings uncomfortable heat, causing people to lose control no matter how rational they are. That hatred separates us from each other, until the autumn comes, we don’t know if we can return in time.

15. June is so harsh, cost me so much on ice cream and milk tea.

Short poem about June

1. June of the old season, by the tomb of nostalgia
Immerse yourself in the cicadas, the golden sun shines
The street melts into the sunset, half sad
Half sent to you, half kept to you.

2. What do you do, June farewell?
Sad sunshine, yellow sunshine between the leaves
The wind whispers quietly closes the corners of the lips
Who does the sun call, is the sun sad or not?
The girl in June goes away and never comes back
The tomb at the end of the street is hard to say goodbye
Without you, the sun is a realm to play with.

3. In June, the rain sheds a stream of tears
The king of the phoenix branch is sad and nauseous
Boldly weaving pink and dreaming of nostalgia
The small wharf is entwined with a piece of love
June is the season to love the sun and color your eyes.

4. Drop by to bring June back
Red phoenix instead of saying goodbye
In the morning dew, the sweet city is exposed
The purple mausoleum is still full of your love.

5. We can’t be together in June
The heart recovers and looks up at the quiet life
The phoenix leaves the season of separation rushing back
June about the sad yarn over the shoulder
The melancholy wind gently shakes the corners of the eyelids
The sun shines golden in the afternoon of June.

6. June comes, phoenix burns with love
With purple mausoleums at the end of the road
I was dumbfounded and sealed the guestbook
Memories of yesterday suddenly disappear into smoke
The sound of the school drum closes the heart in peace
Sad phoenix wings sporadically find each other’s shadow
White shirt, my students don’t forget quickly.


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