The ceremony opens on January 7, 2021

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2021-05-05 01:45:54

The opening ceremony at the beginning of the new year, also known as the tree-cutting ceremony, the golden ceremony, and the New Year’s Thanksgiving ceremony is a long-standing custom of the Vietnamese. The opening ceremony was held on the 7th of the first lunar month to end the Lunar New Year, everyone returned to their usual work.

So, what time is the ceremony to open the summer, what day is the new ceremony (the opening ceremony is on January 7)? Let’s find out through the article below to better understand this ritual.

What time is the ceremony to open the summer?

The opening ceremony time does not have to be fixed at any time. Families can arrange light or afternoon depending on work conditions.

The lower offering trays include:

  • Rice offering tray (either salty or vegetarian).
  • Fresh flowers, fruit, oil drops, wine, incense, rice plate, salt plate, gold coins, fiber …

Opening ceremony ceremony tray is displayed outdoors. After that, the homeowner burns incense to pray for permission of the ancestors of the house first and then proceed to the outdoor ceremony.

Opening ceremony ceremony

Below is the opening ceremony according to the traditional Vietnamese vows of Vietnam – Culture and Information Publishing House, which is often used by families during the opening ceremony, the New Year’s thanksgiving ceremony.

– Male model Amitabha Buddha (3 times)

– I respectfully bow to the nine directions of the heavens, the ten directions of the Buddhas, the Buddhas of the ten directions

– I respectfully bow to Hoang Thien, Hau Tho, Long Mach, Apple Quan, the gods

– I respectfully bow to the Queen of the Earth Queen, God of the Gods

– I respectfully bow to the Lord of the year, Mr. Ban Canh Thanh Hoang, the Earth Gods, the Apple Army, the Dragon of Heaven.

– I respectfully bow to the Patriarchs, Patriarchs, and Gentiles.

Today is the 3rd of January of the year …………………

We are: …………………………… old ………………

Now living at ……………………………………………….

Sincerely repair the aromatherapy flower products, the eucalyptus ritual, the bow presented before the judgment. Respectfully submit: The spring party is over, the Lunar New Year has passed, now would like to incinerate the golden honeysuckle, the god of thanksgiving, the procession of seeing the spirit back to the scene.

Dear blessings, save grace and blessings of yin and yang muscle, all good places, children and grandchildren are required, thousands of peace, full of wealth, prosperity.

Sincerity, silver offering, the quality of examination, bowing for witness.

Male model Amitabha Buddha (3 times)

After a week of incense is over, the homeowner proceeds to gold-coins.


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