The Chinese company is testing a tool to track iPhone users

The Chinese company is testing a tool to track iPhone users


2021-03-27 13:50:01

CAID is a new tool introduced by the China Advertising Association (CAA) – a 200-member state-backed organization to bypass Apple’s new privacy rules to track and identify iPhone users. .

CAID can track iPhone users without their consent, which is being tested by several tech companies including ByteDance and Tencent and some Chinese advertisers to implement targeted advertising. on mobile devices

Apps like TikTok are spying on iPhone users to roll out targeted ads on mobile devices. Photo: Euronews.

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, mentioned the CAID in a guide for app developers, suggesting they “could use an alternative CAID if the user’s advertising identifier (IDFA) is not. availability”.

The Ads Identifier (IDFA) is an iOS feature that collects personalized ad data, from which developers can deliver targeted ads. However, it is possible that Apple will let users control this feature in the near future. This means that the user can agree or deny the application’s request for IDFA mining permissions.

According to some sources, besides ByteDance, Tencent is also testing the CAID system. Currently, both these major technology companies and Apple have not released any comment on the incident.

China can be the exception

According to experts, Apple can completely detect IDFA circumvention tools and if they want they can block applications from the App Store. However, in China things are not that simple because if you do that, Apple might be banned in this market. And most likely Apple will “make an exception for China”.


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