The convincing theory shows that King Kong is closely related to Tarzan

The convincing theory shows that King Kong is closely related to Tarzan

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2021-04-25 00:20:04

Tarzan, the hero of the jungle, is a fictional character created by the novelist Edgar Rice Burrough in 1912 in the series of the same name. Tarzan’s reputation is truly known around the world thanks to the “family friendly” animated series that Disney released in 1999. Next, our jungle guy stepped onto the big screen. in blockbuster The Legend of Tarzan in 2016, starring Alexander Skarsgård with the participation of many big names like Samuel L. Jackson or Margot Robbie.

Meanwhile, King Kong is the product of Merian Caldwell Cooper, a pilot and later a producer and director for RKO. It is also the studio that first brought King Kong to the silver screen in 1933, bringing it closer to the world audience and gradually becoming one of the most classic icons in popular culture. Director Cooper said his inspiration came from a dream, in which a giant gorilla suddenly rebelled and blatantly devastated New York City.

Tarzan and King Kong, two seemingly unrelated characters, but now form an invisible bond thanks to the idea of ​​a hollow Earth in MonsterVerse.

Excluding factors related to animals, especially primates, Tarzan and King Kong do not seem to have any relationship at all. However, that has completely changed with the new story that Legendary Pictures created in blockbuster Godzilla vs. blockbuster. Kong just released recently, especially thanks to the idea of ​​Hollow Earth. The bond between these two characters has finally formed, though still quite fragile but very convincing.

Reddit can be considered as one of the “convergence” of all kinds of conspiracy theories related to the vast world of cinema. And the relationship between Tarzan and King Kong also came from that. Specifically, StoneGoldX user said: “Kong is related to the ape in Tarzan. It’s actually not a giant chimpanzee like Legendary mistakenly thought. To put it more accurately, Kong belongs to a species that has been lost: It can walk on the hind limbs, know how to use tools, understand and use human language in a primitive way “.

“The ape in Tarzan is called Mangani, which is described as having the traits of both chimpanzees and gorillas, and sometimes humans (Sorry for losing your childhood, they’re not gorillas. where). They also possess a complex language system, can go straight with the hind limbs and of course have no difficulty in using the tool.“.

The very convincing theory shows that King Kong is closely related to Tarzan - Photo 2.

Tarzan’s “family” Mangani possesses many of the same characteristics as King Kong, with the only difference being in their body size.

Now comes the time when things really connect. Mangani shares a language with another primate, the Sagoth, has a distinctive dark brown coat and lives in Pellucidar. In essence, this is the hollow Earth created by Edgar Rice Burrough for his series, especially those originating from the center of the Earth. Just like in Godzilla vs. Kong, Pellucidar is full of giant monsters, and Tarzan himself has visited this place. ”

“In short, the hollow Earth is Pellucidar. Kong’s species is Mangani but is “hacked” in size by absorbing energy here. Even more interesting, Merian Cooper, “father” of King Kong also once dreamed of building a movie with the theme of Tarzan vs. Tarzan. King Kong, but failed because of the copyright barriers“.

In the blockbuster Godzilla vs. Kong, humans can enter the hollow Earth through a number of gates at secret locations on the ground, one of which is located in Antarctica. This is similar to Edgar’s Pellucidar world: The two worlds are interconnected through a system of tunnels located at the poles of the Earth.

The extremely convincing theory shows that King Kong has a close relationship with Tarzan - Photo 3.

Empty Earth, Kong’s home to MonsterVerse, is most likely the Pellucidar world of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan novels.

In short, we have hypothesized the connection between Tarzan and King Kong as follows: The primate in the Tarzan series is named Mangani and a relation to the Sagoth species is from Pellucidar. This is considered the hollow Earth of “universe” Tarzan, exactly like Kong’s home town in MonsterVerse. The reason Kong itself has become so tall is because it has been nurtured by abundant energy here for a while.

Thus, the empty Earth is the key to King Kong and Tarzan, two seemingly unrelated characters who accidentally have an interesting bond that few people realize. This may just be “the big idea to meet,” or the MonsterVerse production team took inspiration from Pellucidar in the Edgar Rice Burrough series to create a home for Kong in his film projects. However, it can not be denied that the above redditor hypothesis is also quite reasonable and completely has a practical basis. And maybe, when copyright issues are solved satisfactorily, we will have blockbusters related to Tarzan and Kong in the near future.

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