The country hasn’t given up on Windows XP yet

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2021-11-24 00:37:53

Although Windows XP has long since ceased to be supported, it is still a trusted operating system in some countries. Armenia is living proof of this claim.

According to the statistics of StatCounter, Armenia is still the country using the Windows XP operating system the most, even the number of Windows XP users in this market is more than Windows 7 and Windows 10.

In Armenia, Windows 10 is the second most used Windows platform, followed by Windows 7.

Specifically, there are up to 53.5% computers in this country are currently using Windows XP. This means that 1 in 2 computers in Armenia run on Windows XP operating system. There are many reasons leading to this situation including overall security issue.

Armenia - a country that has not yet given up on Windows XP - Photo 2.

Although it has not received any updates since April 2014, theoretically this operating system still has many unpatched vulnerabilities and this is extremely dangerous. In addition, because the versions of Windows share some code, it is possible that the vulnerabilities discovered on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 may also exist on Windows XP.

However, switching to newer upgraded versions of Windows is not easy. If the devices are still running Windows XP, they are most likely devices with old and unupgraded hardware. This is obviously an inconvenience that makes many people hesitate to upgrade.

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