The detailed and easy to understand Testnet Kash participation guide

The detailed and easy to understand Testnet Kash participation guide


2021-04-02 01:39:59

In the previous article, I gave you the most detailed information about Kash and the potential of the project. Currently the Kash project is in the testnet phase and has not released the native token of the platform. And that is the opportunity for you to join Testnet to receive Retroactive. You refer to the article about Kash here.

If you are interested in the Terra ecosystem and the three most potential projects on Terra are Mirror Protocol, Anchor Protocol and TerraUSD, do not miss this article. Kash is a project that combines all three projects above, so Testnet below will guide you the most basic operations if you use them in the future.

Kash – A banking application that connects traditional finance and decentralized finance

Kash is an all-in-one station application that allows you to easily interact between the traditional economy and DeFi with the utmost ease. Kash offers a mobile app that combines the power of the three most prominent applications in the Terra ecosystem:

  • Terra UST – The foundation that helps promote and attract capital flows into the Terra ecosystem.
  • Mirror Protocol – A platform that helps users to invest in financial products, especially stocks, right in the crypto market.
  • Anchor Protocol – A platform that helps users to borrow or save with interest up to 20%.

Thus, with Kash you can send savings to receive interest, payments and investments in the same platform. Not to mention that Kash is also a portal connecting the traditional economy with DeFi.

The tasks will be performed in Testnet

Today I will show you how to operate Testnet on Kash’s platform, in which I will divide into 4 main sections so that you can easily perform each operation.

  • Claim token on Testnet.
  • Saving Account (Anchor Protocol).
  • Checking Account (TerraUST).
  • Investments Account (Mirror Protocol).

Preparation steps for Testnet

Log in to Kash dashboard

You go to Kash’s Testnet site here. Then you can log in with your Facebook or Gmail account. After successfully logging in, you will see Kash’s Dashboard as above.

Claim UST token to manipulate Testnet

To be able to interact, you need tokens on Testnet. Brothers access to the web and paste in your wallet address (the wallet address will appear when you click on the box “Get Test Money“On the Dashboard board).

Please note that you choose to receive UST in order to be able to operate on the platform. If successful, you will receive 5000 UST.

Savings (Anchor Protocol)


On the Dashboard interface, after you click on “Deposit”, The above table will appear and allow you to enter the amount you want to save.

After continuing, you will receive a detailed bulletin board, which will clearly appear savings deposit amount and fee for the task.

After brothers agree and confirm add one last time, the action will be officially performed.

Below you can see that you have successfully Deposit and receive an interest rate of 21% with the amount of 100 UST.


Withdrawn manipulation, you also perform similar operations like deposit brother.

After clicking on Withdrawn, you will receive a table allowing you to enter the amount you want to withdraw, if you accept with a fee, you will continue to confirm until successful.

After doing Withdrawn successfully, you can see that 100 UST from your Savings account has returned to your main account (Checking Account).

Checking (TerraUSD)


In this section, you will interact by transferring and receiving tokens from another wallet address. Therefore, you can open another browser and log in with another email to get the second wallet address.

Note: You don’t need the Claim Testnet UST again.

At the Dashboard interface, click Send the box will display to enter the number of USTs you want to send and the address to send.

Next, Kash will show the details of the transaction and the transaction fee before the brothers confirm the transfer.

After you click Confirm the UST will be sent immediately. At this 2nd wallet address you can see that you have received 100 UST from your first account.


After sending successfully, please send 100 UST back from the 2nd wallet to complete Receive (receive) from another account.

To receive UST from your second account, please click Receive to get your wallet address.

After receiving the UST from the second account, you can see that your account has lost nearly $ 2 due to 2 transaction fees ($ 0.3 / transaction) and 1 UST left on the 2nd account. .

Investments (Mirror Protocol)


With Investments Account, you will see a lot of stock codes like Google, Alibaba, or Airbnb, … to choose to invest. To start investing and buying stocks, he clicked “Trade“.

After choosing a stock code, you will see price information, profile information of the company.

In the right corner is the place where you can enter the amount.

Then you click Buy to start buying and confirm. In this example I have bought 500 USD of shares of Alphabet (the parent company of Google).

After successful purchase, you will see that 500 UST from Checking Account has been allocated to Investing Account, and you can easily view your trading activities in the right column.


With the Sell operation, you do the same thing after clicking the button “Trade“With shares of Alphabet, however, the difference is that brothers will choose the button Sell and enter the number of stock brothers want to sell.

As can be seen on the photo after I successfully sold shares, Trading Activity recorded me selling 500 UST worth of Google shares and the amount was recorded on Checking Accounts.


So I have briefly shown you how to implement Testnet on Kash’s platform, for me this is really a huge advantage to attract customers after Kash launch Mainnet. Now you can join Anchor Protocol to save and Mirror Protocol to invest right on Kash’s platform.

Wishing you a successful operation and if you are lucky, you will receive Retroactive from the project. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask at Coin98 Insights Chat for help. When there is any new information from the project, the Coin98 team will update you as soon as possible.

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