The "dream" of commercial 480Hz screens is probably not far away

The “dream” of commercial 480Hz screens is probably not far away

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2021-07-28 21:11:23

Back in 2017, Blur Busters performed tests on a prototype of the first 120Hz 4K panel by pushing its refresh rate to 480Hz in low-resolution 540p mode. These panels were from ZisWorks, and they were available at the time as TN 28″ (model x28) or VA 39″ (model x39).

Although the above test seems to be heavily “tweaking and tinkering” by a group of technology lovers, it also partly shows that the prospect of commercial panels with extremely high scanning frequencies is a big deal. absolute possible.

Indeed, a recent report from TFTCentral shows that the “dream” of 480Hz panels may soon become a reality for global technology users in the near future. According to TFTCentral, the world’s leading display manufacturers, typically LG Display as well as AU Optronics (AUO), are stepping up research and development of panels with such extremely fast refresh rates. If all goes well, production lines can be launched by the end of 2022, and we can fully expect to experience the first commercial products in 2023.

As predicted by experts, such commercial 480Hz monitors could be demonstrated at CES 2023. Similar to how ASUS and Nvidia introduced the world’s first 360Hz panels called ROG SWIFT 360Hz. PG259QN in the framework of CES 2020.

In terms of features, not too many details have been revealed. But TFTCentral’s report says that the 480Hz screen model that LG is developing will have a size of 24.5 inches, 1080p resolution, support for DisplayHDR 400 and good color reproduction. On the AUO side, information is even scarcer. Just know that this will most likely be a 1080p panel.

In related news, TFTCentral also adds that AUO is in the final stages of testing a 1440p 360Hz monitor model, which could be released by the end of 2021.


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