The earthquake warning system on Android phones works effectively

The earthquake warning system on Android phones works effectively

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2021-07-28 01:27:20

Last month, Google rolled out the Android Earthquake Alerts System to seven other countries ahead of a global launch next year. The Philippines is one of the countries to adopt this system, and Android users here have benefited from it on July 24.

According to the US Geological Survey, at dawn on July 24, a 6.7 magnitude earthquake hit the Tingloy area, Philippines. The quake “lasted almost a minute,” Reuters reported.

Seconds before an earthquake, many people receive information from the earthquake warning system on their Android phones.

The earthquake warning system on Android phones sends notifications to users.

Google built the system to create “the world’s largest earthquake detection network” using technology and sensors to detect P waves. The phone then sends the city location, never including a zip code and a street address, to Google’s earthquake detection server. Reports will be verified before sending notifications, including maps, earthquake strength, reminders to crouch, get under tables, and grip table legs, to Android users. It may appear seconds before the arrival of the S wave.

This feature is enabled automatically, but users can opt out by taking the following steps: Settings -> Location -> Advanced -> Earthquake Alerts.

Google tested the system in August 2020 before going live in two countries in April this year. By 2022, the system will be rolled out in places where many Android devices use Google Play and in countries with high earthquake risk.


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