The expected electric car model Xpeng P7 2023 revealed, the price makes people “fever”

The expected electric car model Xpeng P7 2023 revealed, the price makes people “fever”

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2023-02-09 09:09:43

The Chinese electric car model – Xpeng P7 2023 has just been revealed in the European market, promising the launch date is not far away.

After many days of waiting, the official image of Xpeng P7 2023 has finally been revealed. Xpeng P7 2023 has an additional European version and is basically the same as the version that was previously launched in China. Xpeng P7 2023 will be sold with a starting price of 49,990 euros (equivalent to 1.2 billion) in the European market and will soon be available to customers in the near future.

The exterior design of Xpeng P7 2023 is quite similar to the version for users in China. However, the European Xpeng P7 2023 has added laser radar in the headlights on both sides. Xpeng P7 2023 continues to be built with a modern design language with outstanding details such as LED daytime running lights and a unique grille at the front.

The interior of Xpeng P7 2023 does not have too many changes. The steering wheel has been changed to the same button layout as on the Xpeng G9. In addition, Xpeng P7 2023 also has a wireless charging system, cup holder and armrest. Xpeng P7 2023 is also equipped with Orin-X chip, 5 millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 surround-view cameras, 7 high-definition cameras, fatigue detection feature for the driver.

However, the European version’s intelligent driving assistance system is different from the Chinese version. In addition, the European version of Xpeng P7 2023 also adds comfort configurations such as an electric tailgate, electric intake, heat pump air conditioning and steering wheel heating.

This Xpeng P7 2023 electric vehicle will be equipped with an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 203kW. This is a definite improvement over the current model (the non-performance version). The battery life of the European version has been optimized and the operating range can be up to 576km in WLTP conditions.

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