The Falcon & The Winter Soldier “tease” the new super villain team for the MCU phase 4?

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier “tease” the new super villain team for the MCU phase 4?

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2021-04-24 10:37:05

Note: The Falcon & The Winter Soldier episode 6 is revealed.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier has officially ended after 6 weeks of broadcasting with many big surprises: Sam Wilson becomes the new Captain America of the MCU; Bucky Barnes has stripped of his killer nickname The Winter Soldier; Sharon Carter is the mysterious “final boss” Power Broker has just heard the name but has not seen in this series.

In addition, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is also an important bridge to the future projects of Marvel Studios thanks to the brief appearance of Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the last two episodes. In the original comic book, Val is a spy installed by HYDRA on SHIELD and has won the trust and love of Nick Fury. She has repeatedly crossed the line between the protagonist – the villain, but eventually returns to heresy as Madame Hydra (You can find out more about this character here).

Only shown in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier for a few minutes, but this could be an important bridge character for future projects of the MCU.

However, Val’s role in the MCU is still a mystery, as both SHIELD and HYDRA have collapsed in this cinematic universe. So it is possible that Marvel Studios is building a completely new story for her, like how they did with many other characters. One thing is certain: Val is forming his own secret army, and John Walker is one of them, with the nickname US Agent.

Who does Valentina work for and for what purpose?

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As mentioned above, because the time to appear in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is too short, the information related to Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine still has many melodies. However, compared to the original comic book, it is likely that she is working with Nick Fury and will be featured in the series Secret Invasion, scheduled to air in 2022 on Disney +. This is also one of the most famous stories in Marvel, revolving around the invasion of Earth by the Skrull race with the ability to transform into anyone.

However in the MCU, the Skrulls are built in a better image and also have a close partnership with Nick Fury. They even took advantage of their shape-shifting abilities to manage some of the incidents that took place on Earth, typically in Spider-Man: Far From Home. If Fury and Skrull are still on the front line, it is not excluded that Valentina is cooperating with another force, possibly a remnant of HYDRA, the Kree Empire or a villain that has not appeared in the MCU. With what has been shown in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, it seems that she is cherishing bad conspiracies with her mysterious army.

Valentina is gathering Thunderbolts?

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Since Secret Invasion will be released in 2022, it is likely that Valentina is raising his ambition to build Thunderbolts – a rather famous team in the original comic book gathered by Zemo. Initially, they were in the guise of righteous superheroes to build trust with the government and the people, but always carried in themselves nefarious plots and only waited for the good opportunity to execute. However, over time, the team began to appreciate their own actions, and gradually changed their mind, operating as a true superhero organization.

John Walker, although not an official member of the Thunderbolts in the comics, has been with them in many dangerous missions. Besides, this squad also plays a very important role in the Secret Invasion storyline, so this is probably the right time for them to officially step foot on the big screen of the MCU. Finally, remember that Zemo is still alive and is being held captive at The Raft Prison – where the ultimate security system is built in the midst of the deserted ocean. Somehow, Zemo still knows and deals with the outside world, showing that he can escape at any time to execute his plan.

Valentina is assembling The Dark Avengers team?

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier unveil new super villains for the MCU phase 4?  - Photo 4.

The Dark Avengers are considered Thunderbolts version 2 after the Secret Invasion event has ended. The remarkable point is that this squad possesses more evil people than its predecessor. The head of the Dark Avengers is Norman Osborne, who possesses terrifying superpower after his own victories in the Skrull invasion. It is also not excluded that the MCU will bring Thunderbolts to the screen first and then turn them into Dark Avengers like in the comics. However, this movie universe has also been omitted or changed many times, and it shows that the Dark Avengers will soon appear without Thunderbolts.

John Walker is an official member of the Dark Avengers, although he himself is not really willing to be, but it is still a clue that Valentina is building this squad. In addition, when wearing his superhero costume at the end of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, Walker commented “like before” but “black”. It may be a pun that shows he still feels his strength and image “like when he was Captain America”, but the essence is “darker”.

Finally, there have been rumors that Norman Osborne will appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home, while not playing a major role, but could be the first step for the MCU to connect to the creation of Dark. The Avengers and the plot that Valentina is chasing.

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