The famous Oakland Athletics baseball team accepts Bitcoin payments for VIP rows

The famous Oakland Athletics baseball team accepts Bitcoin payments for VIP rows


2021-03-22 23:24:50

Oakland Athletics, a baseball club in the East San Francisco Bay, the hub of the 2011 Oscar-nominated Moneyball movie, is welcoming the new season with a friendly offer for their fans. Spectators can now pay Bitcoins for luxury rows to enjoy great matches.

Specifically, Oakland Athletics is selling six-man rows of seats for 2021 home matches for 1 BTC. This demonstrates the growing trend of Bitcoin and crypto adoption in sports. Aside from the NFT boom, NBA Top Shot grossed $ 230 million from the NFT sales, and the NFT honoring boxing legend Mohammed Ali is set to launch.

The seats can accommodate up to six people and include a variety of amenities. The offer is available until 1 April 2021 and interested buyers must contact the association directly. Oakland Athletics President Dave Kaval said in a statement:

“We invite our fans to become the first Bitcoin holders in sports. We are delighted to be one of the few groups to accept cryptocurrencies for payments and the first to set prices with cryptocurrencies instead of USD. The price of a seasonal set can fluctuate depending on when it is purchased, which adds to the excitement to the audience. ”

Other sports teams in the US are also rushing to integrate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks accepts DOGE payments for tickets to the field to follow the matches. This form of Bitcoin can be very profitable with Bitcoin holdings, with the number 1 cryptocurrency’s surge in popularity over the past few months.

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