The food when watching football at night is both delicious and fat-free

The food when watching football at night is both delicious and fat-free

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2021-06-07 15:01:00

What to eat while watching night football is a headache for many football fans. Because if you eat improperly, it will both harm your health and gain weight. Here are some dishes when watching football at night that are both healthy and fat-free, please refer.

Nuts (peanuts, almonds, etc.)

Peanuts, almonds … contain certain calories that provide enough nutrients to help you not be hungry but also do not go over the limit of calories in the body.

In addition, in these nuts also contain saturated fat that helps reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol in the blood.

While drinking beer while eating peanuts, almonds … when watching football you will not have to worry about gaining weight.

Low-fat milk and dairy products

Eat low-fat yogurt, cheese … are low-fat, low-sugar dishes, so when you eat at night you won’t worry about gaining weight. In addition, these foods also contain many types of beneficial bacteria for the digestive system.

Purple cabbage chicken salad

Chicken is rich in protein, energy will help you no longer feel hungry. Purple cabbage is rich in protein, fiber, and minerals to help inhibit hunger and speed up metabolism.

Fast – compact – light delicious dishes

Boiled quail eggs, fried quail eggs with tamarind, chicken feet soaked with lemongrass and chili, squid rim with tamarind, grilled dried squid… night.

Chicken feet in fish sauce


Fruits, vegetables and fruit juices are a great choice for you if you intend to stay up at night watching football. Not only helps not to be hungry, fruit also provides water, vitamins, minerals, fiber to help prevent weight gain and beautiful skin.

Beans, cucumbers: Low in sugar, high in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, it helps to reduce excess fat in the blood, regulate the digestive system, and not gain weight.

Grapefruit, dragon fruit, apple: Both delicious and can “burn” calories and excess fat.

However, should limit the fruits with a lot of vitamin C because it will make it difficult to sleep, sweet and high sugar fruits are easy to gain weight.


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