The “handmade” Bitcoin miner from the Nintendo Game Boy

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2021-04-01 14:47:56

A YouTuber came up with an “idea” to use the Nintendo Game Boy to mine BTC. He claimed it only took “a few million years to mine Bitcoin” only.

“Handmade” Bitcoin miner from the Nintendo Game Boy

According to a recent video, YouTuber Stacksmashing used the hardware of the Nintendo Game Boy released in 1989 to mine Bitcoin.

YouTuber said he used the Raspberry Pi’s chip board, attached to the Game Boy’s link port and a USB flash card, to establish a connection to the Bitcoin node from the laptop.

“Structure diagram” of the “hand-made” Bitcoin mining machine

Stacksmashing fun sharing:

“The hash rate is quite impressive, around 0.8 hash / s.

A modern ASIC miner has a speed of about 100 Terahash / s, only the difference with my “handmade” mining machine is about 125 trillion. At this rate, it only took me a few million years to mine BTC. ”

“Waiting for data …” until when

It seems that many people are very fond of the idea of ​​using gaming machines to mine coins. Earlier this month, a Chinese software developer claimed to have mined Ethereum with a PlayStation 5 machine. Last year, there were rumors that developers included many hidden codes in the game to take control of Nintendo Switch. , for the purpose of mining BTC.

After getting tired of teasing the community, Stacksmashing concluded:

“Of course mining Bitcoin on a Game Boy machine isn’t profitable, but it’s fun.”

Of course it’s fun… and if I like it, I can do it.

If you want to share the fun with this YouTuber, please watch the video here.

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