The Honda digital car model suddenly dropped in price by nearly 20 million VND, close-up Kia K3 2023 version 365 million VND

The Honda digital car model suddenly dropped in price by nearly 20 million VND, close-up Kia K3 2023 version 365 million VND

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2023-02-10 21:15:44

The model of a car that is hunted by Vietnamese customers suddenly “drops in price” by nearly 20 million, has the time to buy a cheap car come?

According to a survey at many dealers, the imported Thai model Honda Wave 110i is currently having an incredibly cheap price. The price of Honda Wave 110i has now decreased by nearly 6 million VND compared to before the Lunar New Year and decreased by nearly 20 million VND compared to when the new car returned home.

At the present time, the Honda Wave 110i imported from Thailand is being sold by many dealers for VND 62 million, significantly lower than the figure of VND 71.8 – 81 million when the new car is brought back to the country. The reason is that the number of customers decreased significantly after Tet and Honda Wave 110i is also a rather picky name in the Vietnamese market.

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Close-up of the newly launched super cheap version of Kia K3 2023, only 365 million but full of equipment

Kia K3 2023 has recently added an upgraded version in the Chinese market. According to Auto Home, a Chinese automotive media company, Kia’s subsidiary in China has started selling the Kia K3 2023 with a starting price of 109,800 yuan (equivalent to 365 million dong). Compared to its predecessor, the Kia K3 2023 has many notable refinements in the exterior with the front end similar to the K5 and significantly upgraded in equipment.

The body size of the Kia K3 2023 also has some changes with a length of 4666 mm, a width of 1780 mm, a height of 1450 mm and a wheelbase of 2700 mm. The Kia K3 2023 impresses with its modern appearance and details such as a tiger-shaped grille connected with new star-chain LED headlights, 17-inch wheels with 2 tones.

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Kia Seltos rolling price in February 2023: Attracting Vietnamese customers, you can ‘ride over your head’ Hyundai Creta

With a beautiful design and many attractive equipment, Kia Seltos has won the hearts of a large number of Vietnamese consumers. A clear proof of the SUV’s appeal is the impressive sales level of Seltos that has always been maintained for a long time.

Kia Seltos is a direct competitor to Toyota Corolla Cross, Hyundai Kona, Hyundai Creta, Honda HR-V or Ford EcoSport. The urban SUV model from the Korean car brand has a square and sporty design. This model is distributed with 05 exterior paint colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Black.

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The all-new small SUV model launched for 580 million VND, the design and equipment is worth the money

Recently, Mitsubishi has officially launched the All New ASX in the European and Japanese markets. Mitsubishi ASX is positioned in the compact SUV segment. Not only possessing an eye-catching appearance, Mitsubishi ASX also impresses with a series of leading equipment and features in the segment.

The Mitsubishi ASX is built on the CMF-B platform taken from Renault Captur, Mitsubishi’s partner in the development of this model. The exterior design of Mitsubishi ASX is futuristic with sharp, angular lines. Besides, Mitsubishi ASX also has a compact size, suitable for moving in crowded inner city areas.

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