The Honda Vision “caused a storm” with a selling price of only 14 million, causing Vietnamese customers to “faint up and down”

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2022-08-18 14:52:03

Recently, a person posted a scooter for sale on and received the attention of the public. According to the owner of the article, this is an eye-catching red Honda Vision model registered in 2014, full papers, ODO level about 10,000 km. During use, the owner of the car takes care of it, carefully, the parts are still very new and original.

Honda Vision 2014 has a modern, neat appearance with fancy lights, combined with outstanding headlights and turn signals. In the body of the car, there are elegant accent lines highlighting the dynamic features of the car.

The manufacturer has equipped a spacious trunk for customers to store helmets, dashboard showing basic parameters, spacious footrest, Idling Stop system, etc.

Powering the car is a 110 cc engine block incorporating eSP technology such as PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, Idling-Stop automatic engine shutdown system, engine integrated with ACG starter, maximum capacity. 8.9 hp and maximum torque of 9.3 Nm, an increase of 0.6 hp and 0.6 Nm respectively compared to the previous generation.

The price of the old Honda Vision 2014 is VND 14,800,000, which is about VND 7,000,000 cheaper than the listed price of the latest Honda Wave Alpha. For models that are too old, surely in terms of design, equipment and technology, it will not be equal to the latest version. Therefore, customers should carefully check each vehicle’s parts, machinery, and performance to avoid buying damaged cars.

Refer to the latest Honda Vision car price list in August 2022:

Latest Vision 2022 car price list today
Vision 2022 car prices at dealers Suggested price Dealer price
Price of Vision 2022 Smartkey car special edition
Vision 2022 Smartkey Matte Black 33,273,000 won 46,500,000 won
Vision 2022 Smartkey Blue Black 33,273,000 won 46,500,000 won
Price of Vision 2022 Smartkey Premium version
Vision 2022 Smartkey Blue brown black 31,899,000 won 43,500,000 won
Vision 2022 Smartkey white brown black 31,899,000 won 43,500,000 won
Vision 2022 Smartkey Red Brown Black 31,899,000 won 43,500,000 won
Price of Honda Vision 2022 standard version
Vision 2022 in white black silver 30,230,000 won 40,500,000 won
Vision 2022 in Red Black Silver 30,230,000 won 40,500,000 won
Price of Honda Vision 2022 car personality version
Vision 2022 in Black Red 34,942,000 won 49,000,000 VND
Vision 2022 in Blue Black Red 34,942,000 won 49,000,000 VND

The above price list is for reference only, customers should contact the nearest dealer for more details

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