The Hyundai Accent ‘makeover’ for 100 million, equipment that makes Toyota Vios, Honda City ‘breathe smoke’

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2022-01-08 16:32:09

Recently, netizens are stirring up before the images of a Hyundai Accent customized in Tay Ninh with excellent appearance and super cheap price, especially the new body kit, personality lights and lastly. sports exhaust system.

This tuning workshop has decided to “customize” the owner of the Accent car, the first is the Hyundai Accent body kit according to the sporty and personality trend, and then the headlight system has also been changed and 2 more balls have been added. in to increase the brightness as well as bring a brighter facade to the car.

The steering wheel of the car is divided into 2 unique separate parts with sharp, angular cuts, integrated with the front spoiler painted in black, contrasting red in the exterior to increase the power and impression. while moving on the street.

The Hyundai Accent

In addition, the car is redesigned on both sides of the air vents and equipped with a horizontal LED daytime running light strip along with a chassis ball integrated into the plastic panel, which is erected. At the rear, there is a completely new rear bumper with additional sports diffuser panels, a mysterious and luxurious black painted tail spoiler, combined with XEX custom exhaust pipes with exhaust cans. titanium material.

The Hyundai Accent

Powering the new generation Hyundai Accent is the Kappa 1.4L MPI petrol engine block, producing a maximum capacity of 100 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 132 Nm at 4,000 rpm. /minute. This heart is combined with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The Hyundai Accent

In the Vietnamese market, Hyundai Accent is priced from VND 426,000,000 to VND 542,000,000, excluding rolling costs as well as promotions from dealers. Hyundai Accent competes with strong rivals such as Toyota Vios, Honda City and Mazda2.


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