The idea of ​​”Library management” and “IoT hospital bed” by Vietnamese middle and high school students won meaningful technology innovation awards

The idea of ​​”Library management” and “IoT hospital bed” by Vietnamese middle and high school students won meaningful technology innovation awards

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2022-12-03 04:10:01

Solve for Tomorrow is an annual creative thinking playground initiated by Samsung globally for middle and high school students from 12 to 18 years old, encouraging them to actively build STEM education application solutions, with practical application value to solve existing social problems. Entering its fourth year, Solve for Tomorrow 2022 has received a warm response from more than 76,000 students and teachers who registered to participate, and received 1,160 entries from many middle and high schools across the country.

After 6 months of intense competition, 10 excellent teams including 5 teams from Group A (Middle School) and 5 teams from Group B (High School) with projects in various fields from the environment. , education, to health care, were selected to attend the Final Round which was held on November 27.

Present at the event, Mr. Choi Joo Ho – General Director of Samsung Vietnam Complex, the organizer of Solve for Tomorrow 2022 shared: “Witnessing the competing products of the teams, I not only deeply felt the enthusiasm and creativity in the minds of the students but also saw the determination to create a better future of the students. you“.

The idea of ​​

Indeed, all 10 projects selected to participate in the Final Round showed a unique and outstanding creative perspective right from the very beginning. With the support of teachers, participation in online training and guidance by a team of senior professional advisors, these ideas have gradually been realized in the form of models and created value. certain in actual operation.

Can be mentioned as projects “Library management system“, “Device to warn children in danger at the railing of high-rise buildings“good”Automatic machine for drying and harvesting agricultural products” of the students of the lower secondary school. As for the high school, “IoT hospital bed for patients with infectious diseases and the elderly at home“good”Smart mobility aids for the elderly“, “Aquaculture support system” are ideas with high practical application, contributing to solving health and agricultural problems in the locality.

The idea of ​​

And the winner of Solve for Tomorrow 2022 has found the owner. That is the Blue Dreams competition team from Nguyen Khuyen Middle School – High School, TP. Da Nang with the Smart Library Management System project and the Future team of Truong Xuan High School in Dong Thap province with the IoT hospital bed project for patients with infectious diseases and the elderly at home.

These are considered as two projects that not only show creative ideas, practicality as well as scalability, but also implementation methods as well as soft skills such as presentation skills, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Teamwork and time management of the whole team are shown strongly. It is also the basis for the jury to choose and make the final decision. In addition, the Organizing Committee also awarded 2 Second prizes, 6 Third prizes, 10 Consolation prizes, 2 Voting prizes and 30 Online Training Round awards.

Solve for Tomorrow Award 2022

I hope that all of us will give attention and support to young people so that their creativity can develop into existing problem-solving abilities. Samsung will also always be the companion of the young generation on this journey“- Mr. Choi Joo Ho shared.

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