The images are only in the memory of Yahoo Messenger

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2021-03-31 10:31:39

After more than 20 years of sticking with the 7x and 8x young generation today, July 17, Yahoo Messenger will officially stop working, which makes many people regret a famous chat application for a while. Although it had to stop working, Yahoo Messenger has left users with many beautiful memories that will never be forgotten.

When the internet was still limited in speed, Yahoo Messenger appeared as a god that saved the souls of users, and gradually Yahoo Messenger became a hot trend among Vietnamese youth. Yahoo Messenger is a favorite tool of many young people so that everyone can connect with each other wherever they are. However, today with the strong development of smartphone technology as well as other social networks, Yahoo Messenger gradually lost its foothold in the hearts of users. To say goodbye to a companion with us for many years, the following article will help you recall the pictures of a glorious time Yahoo Messenger.

1. BUZZ !!!


BUZZ is a character that many people back then used to chat with someone without getting a response from them. The keyboard shortcut for this character is CTRL + G.

2. Exciting chat room

Exciting chat room

Back then, only Yahoo Messenger was prevalent, so the number of users was extremely large. To chat, people often set up a chat room with many friends to chat all night … even karaoke.

3. Emoticons


Perhaps today’s emoticons are far below the classic emotion of Yahoo Messenger. Here the user can find all the emoticons you want to express.

4. The set of emotion for Vietnam

Set of emotion for Vietnam

In Vietnam, Yahoo Messenger also designs for users Vietnamese-style icons that many users prefer to use when chatting.

5. Webcam


Thanks to Yahoo Messenger, at that time webcam sales were also very popular in Vietnam. Although the image quality is not as good as today’s social networking applications.

6. Online listings

Online listing

The nicknames are lengthy, the states complaining, “I’m mobile”, and the sound of closing / opening when an online / offline nick is very busy.

7. Block nick

Block nick

How many people are on your nick blocking list?

8. Chat history

It is not difficult to find the chats you have participated in, because Yahoo Messenger saves all of the user’s chat content.

9. Heart chat background

Heart chat background

Looking back at this image do you remember your youth?

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