The January full moon worship song at the company

The January full moon worship song at the company

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2021-04-28 22:54:21

“The year round ceremony is not equal to the full moon in January” – A saying shows that the full moon ceremony in January (Tet Nguyen Tieu, Tet Thuong Nguyen) is very respected by Vietnamese people. On this day, not only families, but also agencies, companies and shops also conduct full moon worship in January to pray for a smooth and happy new year. So, the full moon offering ceremony in the company, what is the agency, what is the full moon offering in January (the full moon vow in January) at the company?

Full moon offerings in January agencies

Normally, the Full moon ceremony in January at home usually has a vegetarian or savory offering. But in agencies, companies, the January Full Moon ceremony is usually a vegetarian offering tray, including offerings:

  • Fresh flowers, fresh fruit, incense, lamps, cigarettes, tea, confectionery
  • A plate of banh chung, or a plate of Gac sticky rice
  • A plate of water drifting cake to pray that everything will be smooth all year round.

Full moon vow in the company in January

After approaching the full January full moon worshiping tray, the representative of the company burn incense and read the January full moon offering (January full moon vow) at the agency.

Male model Amitabha Buddha! (3 times, 3 bowing)

I bow to the nine directions of God, the ten directions of the Buddhas, the Buddhas of the ten directions.

I respectfully bow to the Queen of Hau Tho and the Sun Gods.

I respectfully bow to you, Mr. Ban Canh Thanh Hoang, Mr. Native Land, Mr. Gia Gia Troi and the gods.

Child (s) creditor is … Director of the company (or position Name of the head) …………………………

Working at the company ……………………… address at … …………….. has tax code of ……………

Today is the full moon day of January of the year … meeting Nguyen Tieu period, the faithful child sincerely, repairing incense posting, buying gifts, offering before the sentence.

We would like to invite the Day of the Citadel of the Great Kings, the Aboriginal God of Earth, Mr. Gia Gia Quan, Ngu Phuong, Long Mach, and Tai Than. We pray to the holy ones to hear the invitation, to come before the sentence, to testify their sincerity to enjoy the gifts.

Believers and owners would like to invite Mr. and Mrs. Tien, the owner, and the late owner to enjoy the gifts, testify the sincerity to bless our company with all things good, good business, good business, good fortune. Prosperous, whatever you pray, whatever you pray for will be.

We offer a sincere ceremony, before the ceremony, bow and ask for blessings of perseverance.

Male model Amitabha Buddha! (3 times, 3 bowing)

Wait until the 2/3 incense ends, the company representative prostrates and lowers the votive gold to encrypt.

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