The Last Of Us episode 2 explanation

The Last Of Us episode 2 explanation

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2023-02-02 09:03:45

Episode 2 of the TV blockbuster The Last Of Us, aired on January 23, officially opened the reluctant adventure between Joel, Tess and Ellie on the journey to the Massachusetts Capitol. According to the plan, this is where Joel will hand over Ellie to members of the Fireflies in exchange for car batteries and some other items and necessities.

However, despite careful calculation and selection of the safest travel options, things still quickly got out of control of this trio of characters. They have to confront the aggressive “high-level” Clicker zombies, and then Tess eventually becomes a victim of the parasitic fungus Cordyceps. Episode 2 of The Last Of Us ended with a sad low note that matches the gloomy tone of the series, when now the journey is only Joel and Ellie left.

Here are some of the most notable details in this episode’s ending.

What happened to the Fireflies at the Houses of Parliament?

The members of the Fireflies at the Massachusetts Capitol were “wiped out” before Joel’s group arrived – Photo: Internet.

This is probably one of the biggest problems that episode 2 of The Last Of Us leave. When Joel and Tess take Ellie to the rendezvous point, the Massachusetts Capitol, to hand her over to the Fireflies, they discover driverless trucks, and the entrance is littered with barricades to keep out zombies. Inside the house, all the members of the Fireflies were dead.

Based on what was observed at the scene, Joel deduced that one of them was infected and attacked his companions. In other words, this was a civil war between the people infected with the parasitic fungus Cordyceps and the common people, with the result that no one survived the melee.

This caused Joel and Tess’s plan to fail completely. Not only had to continue the reluctant journey with Ellie – whom Joel only considered a smuggled item, but Joel also did not get the necessities and necessary means from Fireflies to set out to find his brother. yours, Tommy.

When Tess was infected

Explaining the ending of episode 2 of The Last Of Us - Photo 2.

Tess was infected with the parasitic fungus Cordyceps in episode 2 The Last Of Us – Photo: Internet.

Unwilling to draw, the Fireflies killing each other at the Houses of Parliament is not the only incident that Joel’s group has encountered. In the same place, he and Ellie discovered that Tess had been infected with the fungus Cordyceps and would soon transform into an aggressive zombie. However, volume 2 of The Last Of Us did not reveal when or the scene where Tess began to become infected.

Before that, Joel, Tess and Ellie had to confront 2 Clickers – victims of Cordyceps fungus for about a year and had lost their sight. In this scene, Tess is separated from the group and must confront a Clicker alone. The point is that that segment almost exclusively focuses on Joel and Ellie’s fight with the remaining Clicker, and Tess only reappears after it has been completely defeated.

It’s more likely that Tess was infected by the Click in the time it took to disappear from the frame. After escaping danger, this character has always been grumpy, annoyed, mixed with a bit of bitterness and sadness when he learned that he was infected with Cordyceps fungus. In the same attack, Ellie was also bitten but was unharmed thanks to her strange immunity.

Why does Tess still want Joel to continue his journey with Ellie?

Explaining the ending of episode 2 of The Last Of Us - Photo 3.

Joel will still accompany Ellie even though the contract with the Fireflies has not been completed – Photo: Internet.

After the contract with the Fireflies could not be fulfilled, Joel had intended to give up his plan to find Tommy, which meant that he would abandon Ellie to return to the Boston quarantine. However, Tess has the exact opposite reaction when constantly searching for clues such as radio stations, maps or any other indication of where the Fireflies will move next. In other words, Tess still wants Joel to escort Ellie to the Fireflies’ base, especially after being infected herself.

The zombie bite on Tess’ shoulder has become a lot more serious than the one on Ellie’s arm. That helps Tess realize that this girl is probably really immune to the bizarre parasitic fungus, and is also the key to developing a vaccine to help humanity escape the prospect of extinction. That’s why before sacrificing, Tess begged Joel to continue protecting Ellie and brought her to meet Frank and Bill, the duo that was “teased” in the first episode.

Decipher the identities of Frank and Bill

Explaining the ending of episode 2 of The Last Of Us - Photo 4.

Frank and Bill will appear in episode 3 of The Last Of Us – Photo: Internet.

Bill (played by Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) are Joel and Tess’s business partners, acting as suppliers of information and materials from outside the Boston quarantine area to the pair of smugglers. .

Bill is a survival expert and is always ready to face any post-apocalyptic event. When all the people in his town set out to evacuate, Bill decided to stay in his hometown, establish a solid base and create an absolutely safe “paradise” for himself. Meanwhile, Frank is a stranger who stumbles across Bill’s hideout and is almost shot down. What happened after that, as well as the relationship between this duo with Joel and Tess, has not been revealed so far in the series. The Last Of Us.

In the original game, Joel and Ellie had to reluctantly cooperate with Bill, before the three found Frank’s body and a suicide note. Bill confided that he felt it was his responsibility to take care of and protect Frank, even though it would lead to a bad ending – his own death. After helping Joel and Ellie, Bill completely disappears from the game and no one knows what happened to this character after that.

Tess’s death and new infection method in The Last Of Us

Explaining the ending of episode 2 of The Last Of Us - Photo 5.

The series The Last Of Us has changed the infection method of the parasitic fungus Cordyceps compared to the original game series – Photo: Internet.

After convincing Joel to take Ellie to meet Frank and Bill, Tess decides to sacrifice herself, blow up the Houses of Parliament to stop the rampaging zombies, and buy time to help Joel escape. To do that, Tess used oil and Fireflies grenades. And this is the moment when the most terrifying scene of The Last Of Us So far: It was Tess’s kiss with another Cordyceps infected person.

In the original game series, diseases caused by this fungus can be transmitted through fungal spores. However, HBO changed this with tentacles, which normally grow out of the victim’s mouth, and will parasitize other victims through bites. So the real meaning of this creepy “kiss” scene is that the Cordyceps fungus is trying to enter Tess’s body through her mouth and turn her into its new host. This is probably the biggest change from the original series, besides the differences in time context.

In addition, these tentacles also act as a hive system, able to reach all hosts in a large range. That is why they quickly rushed to the Houses of Parliament after their fellows were killed, thereby becoming victims of Tess’s suicide attack.

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