The latest Code of Phong Khoi Truong An and how to enter

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2021-05-26 22:26:11

Phong Khoi Truong An, a role-playing game, is being watched by many players when it has extremely sharp 3D graphics and terrible sound. Combined with the MMORPG gameplay, there are many elements that make the game new, but it has attracted many gamers.

Besides, the game also has a series of familiar activities such as PVP, PVE, Tong Kim, Cong Thanh war, Bach Ho Duong, Tan Lang for gamers to explore the contents of the game.

In addition, another familiar feature is to receive code Phong Khoi Truong An in the game and exchange it for valuable gifts to help newbies get acquainted faster. Here is how to get code Phong Khoi Truong An.

How to get code Phong Khoi Truong An

Step 1: Visit the link below and log in to the account that has played Phong Khoi Truong An. Then in the All You will see the general giftcode of the game and events on the Fanpage with giftcode rewards for gamers. Click Redeem at the giftcode you want to change.

Link to receive code Phong Khoi Truong An

Go to the section to change Code, select the character and server, then press Continue. You will see a notification Successful gift exchange appear afterwards.


Then go to the game and check the Mail or Hao Huu folder, you will see a giftcode letter sent to you. In the mail you will see newbie gifts sent to you.

giftcode pkta

The way to receive the code of Phong Khoi Truong An is the same as the way you get the code of the Super League Alliance because of the same Funtap family. So if you are not clear on how to receive the code Phong Khoi Truong An, you can see the article to receive the code of Super League Alliance.

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