The latest code of Thien Long Sword 2 and how to enter

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2021-05-14 19:08:53

Like many other MMORPG titles available in Vietnam, Thien Long Sword 2 also supports players with gifts from Giftcode. Partly to attract players, partly to want to support new players when they first enter the game. Just like the Twinkle Star Code.

The rewards that beginners receive in Thien Long Sword 2 will be quite diverse, including costumes, gold, VIP points… Quite a lot of rewards that players can receive and that will be the necessary support. for gamers in the game.

To enter the giftcode Thien Long Sword 2, please follow the instructions below to receive the necessary rewards.

Giftcode Thien Long Sword 2 and how to enter the code

Current list of the latest Thien Long Sword giftcodes

  • REQ7536
  • NRKU445
  • E7YUX46
  • Y1LQY37
  • Q3LL242
  • O6WO139
  • F2RZA40
  • MYLBD41

Step 1: First, select Phuc Loi in the main interface of Thien Long Sword 2 to start entering the game code. In order for the Giftcode item to appear, you need to be level 25.

Step 2: In the Benefits interface, select GC.

the code for the first 2 days of the year

Enter the Thien Long Sword codes above and click Confirm.

the code for the first 2 days of the year

Next go out, on the chat window now select the Mail item.

the code for the first 2 days of the year

Gifts received from giftcode will be titled GC, including rewards corresponding to the received code. You can enter multiple giftcode TLK 2 at the same time and then press Get all to.

code tlk 2 every day

In addition to the giftcode, the official Fanpage of Thien Long Kiem 2 regularly organizes events with the reward of giftcodes containing very valuable items.

Link Fanpage Thien Long Sword 2

One of the current attractive events is the race to receive the top 24k gold statue which will end at 23:59 on May 25, 2021. These attractive rewards are Unlocked Gold, Purgatory Mount Than Dragon, Golden Spirit Chest, Gem chest…

Link to participate in the top racing event to receive the golden statue of Thien Long Sword 2

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