The latest Funky Friday code and how to enter the code

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2021-06-20 06:53:15

Although it was only released at the end of February, Funky Friday is a game that has attracted many Roblox gamers because of its unique gameplay inspired by Friday Night Funkin. In which two players will compete against each other on a stage in the style of Dance Dance Revolution (dance stage).

You and the player next to you must control to match the directional arrows in time with the music. Despite its simplicity, Funky Friday’s gameplay creates some intense and precise matches, with whoever gets the highest score wins.

It may sound like no code, but Funky Friday actually has a code to redeem rewards for gamers. Here is the current latest Funky Friday 2021 code and how to enter.

Code Funky Friday 2021

  • 250M – Redeem code for 250 points (NEW)
  • 1MILFAVS – Exchange for Boombox (NEW)
  • 100 millions – Redeem code for 500 points
  • 19DOLLAR – Redeem code for RickRoll . animation

How to enter code Funky Friday

Step 1: Select the familiar bird icon in the upper left corner to open the code input interface.

Step 2: Enter one of the codes above into Enter Here. Then select Redeem below.

code friday funky

If the code is still valid, you will see Success appears with the above reward.

code friday funky

Since the number of codes is small, you should change the codes as soon as possible because you will never know when they will expire. Like most other codes in many Roblox games, the code may expire in time or input

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