The latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 price in December drops to 18 million, iPhone 12 Pro panics

The latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 price in December drops to 18 million, iPhone 12 Pro panics


2022-12-10 16:35:44

Once the most powerful folding phone in the Samsung family, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is stepping back to give way to the latest Galaxy Z Fold 4. Entering December, the price of Galaxy Z Fold 3 continued to drop dramatically, making rival Apple afraid.

Latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 price in December

The latest update on December 10, the price of Galaxy Z Fold 3 continues to drop dramatically, close to the price of iPhone 12 Pro, making rival Apple stand still. Specifically, the 256GB version is being sold for 23,990,000 VND, down to 18 million compared to the time of launch. And the high-end 512GB version is only from 30.5 million VND, also down by nearly 14.5 million compared to the listed price.

Design Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 retains the same design and book-like folding mechanism as its predecessor, making it easy to “turn” your phone into an extremely convenient mini-tablet.

It also has a frame made from sturdy aluminum alloy, which is 10% more durable than previous versions, giving you more peace of mind during continuous opening and closing. The hinge coupler has also been improved to increase durability, giving you a better entertainment experience with a less wrinkled screen.

The back of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is also made rougher, helping to limit dirt and fingerprints very well, making the device always look like new. Besides, the screen is also protected by Victus tempered glass, so it can resist drops from a height of 2m and is scratch resistant up to 4 times.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 . screen

Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with ultra-thin bezels for a more subtle edge-to-edge feel. In particular, this is also the world’s first folding screen phone with a camera hidden under the screen to bring a more eye-catching experience.

Both screens are also upgraded to 120Hz refresh rate for smooth touch and swipe gestures, allowing you to immerse yourself in lively entertainment spaces. The phone is also supported with an S Pen that allows you to perform many tasks on the large screen, comfortably take notes, create images, … conveniently.

Configuration of Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is powered by Qualcomm’s leading powerful Snapdragon 888 chip, which helps handle all tasks quickly on both screens. Besides, it also improves heat dissipation when playing games, even cooler than the high-end gaming phone Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 also supports 5G connectivity for super-fast Internet connectivity to help you transmit information efficiently. The 4400 mAh battery capacity is also just enough for you to use throughout the day with common entertainment tasks.

Camera Galaxy Z Fold 3

Galaxy Z Fold 3 is equipped with a cluster of 3 cameras identical to Z Fold 2 with the main camera, super wide-angle camera and telephoto camera with the same 12MP sensor. In general, this camera system offers good image quality, At the same time, the main screen can also be divided into two functions so that you can both capture and review photos more easily.

The high-end camera cluster also supports many modern features such as background blur, anti-shake, AI beautification, automatic color correction, night mode, etc. The front camera duo on both screens are of high quality. The image quality is quite good, supports sharper video calls.

Why buy Galaxy Z Fold 3 when Galaxy Z Fold 4 is out?

Compared to Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3 has the same design and configuration but has a much more affordable price. If you have never used a folding phone, then start with the older versions, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 because it is still powerful enough to meet your needs while saving you a lot of money to spend on the phone. more important.

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