The latest information about Toyota Veloz Cross makes Vietnamese customers “wake up”, the opportunity to buy a cheap car is coming?

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2022-08-09 08:16:40

(CHK) According to information from the dealer, the price of Toyota Veloz Cross is likely to cool down in the near future, increasing pressure on rival Mitsubishi Xpander in the sales race in the MPV segment in the Vietnamese market. .

Although only entering the MPV segment in the Vietnamese market, Toyota Veloz Cross has quickly proven its appeal. In the past month, along with Toyota Avanza, sales of Toyota Veloz Cross have reached an impressive milestone and proved not to be inferior to the “segment king” Mitsubishi Xpander.

Toyota Veloz Cross is about to be transferred to domestic assembly instead of imported CBU

Even now, the number of Toyota Veloz Cross cars is not enough to deliver to customers. According to a survey at many dealers, due to supply constraints, many Toyota Veloz Cross buyers have to wait until October and November to receive their cars. However, recently, an information related to Toyota Veloz Cross shows that the shortage period of Toyota Veloz Cross is coming to an end and it is likely that the price of Toyota Veloz Cross will also “cool down” in the near future.

The opportunity to buy cheap Toyota Veloz Cross from Vietnamese customers is approaching

Specifically, according to a source from the dealer, Toyota Veloz Cross will soon be converted to domestic assembly instead of importing CBU as it is now. As expected, the “rivalry” of Mitsubishi Xpander will begin to be assembled in the country from the end of 2022 and the first batch of assembled cars will be sold to the Vietnamese market in early 2023.

The supply of Toyota Veloz Cross will be more abundant after being assembled in the country

The locally assembled Toyota Veloz Cross means that the supply of this MPV model will be more secure. Besides, it is highly likely that the locally assembled Toyota Veloz Cross will have a “softer” price than the imported version, similar to many other Toyota models. Abundant supply along with affordable prices will be the factors that will help Toyota Veloz Cross sales peak in the near future. This will also be a big advantage of Toyota Veloz Cross before competitors in the same segment such as Mitsubishi Xpander or Suzuki XL7.

Toyota Veloz Cross possesses many advantages with attraction not inferior to Mitsubishi Xpander

Toyota Veloz Cross owns an eye-catching and impressive design with many first-time equipment in the segment. The “threat” of Mitsubishi Xpander is provided by the automaker with an electronic handbrake, an automatic folding mirror with integrated turn signal, a touch screen connected to a wireless phone, automatic air conditioning and many other equipment and features. other attractiveness. Most recently, the price of Toyota Veloz Cross has been adjusted by Toyota Vietnam and increased by 10 million VND compared to the previous listed price.

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