The latest iPhone 14 price in January 2023 is only from 20 million, cheaper than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is it worth buying?

The latest iPhone 14 price in January 2023 is only from 20 million, cheaper than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, is it worth buying?

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2023-01-06 06:35:58

iPhone 14 is the new, most modern iPhone launched by Apple in 2022 with many breakthrough improvements in both design, configuration and features. After a period of scarcity, the number of iPhone 14 has been greatly added to serve the shopping needs of the upcoming festival.

Latest iPhone 14 price in January 2023

According to the latest survey on the morning of January 3, the price of iPhone 14 continues to close at a very low price, even cheaper than at the end of December. Specifically, the price of the latest iPhone 14 in January 2023 is as follows:

  • iPhone 14 – 128GB: 20,490,000 VND
  • iPhone 14 – 256GB: VND 22,990,000
  • iPhone 14 – 512GB: VND 25,690,000

Thus, the price of iPhone 14 is currently reduced from 4.5 to 8 million VND compared to the time of launch, even cheaper than rival Galaxy S22 Ultra by millions of VND, making Vietnamese customers “cool”.

Design iPhone 14″

iPhone 14 retains the square design with two sides and flat beveled edges that have been popular since the iPhone 12 era. In addition, it also owns a notch screen, rounded corners that create softness and a camera set. characteristic diagonal double.

The outer shell of the phone is also made from high-quality materials with a glass back, aluminum frame to create certainty, durability and class for users. Not only that, Apple also launched 5 diverse color options including black, white, blue, red, light purple for users to freely choose according to their preferences.

iPhone 14″ configuration

iPhone 14 owns an OLED screen with high-end Super Retina XDR technology that delivers accurate colors, very suitable for users who work in the field of art. In addition, the images are also reproduced in detail with high resolution for a more immersive entertainment experience.

iPhone 14 is powered by the 6-core A15 Bionic chip, which handles all tasks from photo and video editing or supports playing games with complex graphics. Moreover, the iOS 16 platform also allows users to customize the interface more friendly with more interesting features.

Apple says the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 can meet the needs of 20 hours of continuous video playback, making it comfortable to use for communication or entertainment all day long without carrying a charger or backup battery.

High-end dual camera set

Apple equips the iPhone 14 with a dual 12MP camera cluster with a main camera with an aperture of f/1.5 and a larger sensor, capable of capturing better light to improve the quality of night shots. Comes with a series of new features to help you create artistic photos.

In addition, the high-end camera cluster also supports sharp 4K video recording, which is very suitable for customers who are passionate about filming or doing content production on social networking platforms.

On the front, iPhone 14 is also equipped with a 12MP True Depth front camera with autofocus and f/1.9 aperture, helping to create selfies with more depth and naturalness.

Should you buy iPhone 14 for 20 million?

Not only upgraded in design and configuration, iPhone 14 also owns special features such as satellite emergency SOS, collision detection to help protect life and safety for users. In addition, it also comes with many equipment for the camera cluster, helping you to capture beautiful studio-standard photos. Therefore, with the price from 20 million, it will certainly bring you many attractive experiences.

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