The latest iPhone XR price in January 2023, the product is cheaper than the Galaxy A33, making Vietnamese customers excited

The latest iPhone XR price in January 2023, the product is cheaper than the Galaxy A33, making Vietnamese customers excited

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2023-01-23 01:51:33

The new iPhone XR has not been on sale for too long, so it is still an old smartphone model with high use value in January 2023.

iPhone XR is considered by the technology world and many users to be Apple’s most complete and convenient iPhone when it has good design and hardware to sell from 2018 to early 2022. The last iPhone XR shipped at the end of 2021. Currently, although there is no longer a new iPhone XR, the old iPhone XR market is still sold quite popularly.

How much does iPhone XR cost?

According to a quick market survey in January 2022, iPhone XR has a selling price for an old device with 99% new appearance, ranging from VND 5,890,000 for the 64GB version. This is really a very good price for a smartphone with a very new and very powerful design language for many years to come.

Other versions of iPhone XR come with the following specific prices:

  • iPhone XR – 64GB: VND 5,890,000
  • iPhone XR – 128GB: VND 6,990,000
  • iPhone XR – 256GB: VND 7,990,000

At the current selling price, the old iPhone XR is 4 million dong cheaper than the new iPhone 11 and cheaper than the Galaxy A33 5G – Samsung’s very good mid-range smartphone.

Hardware configuration of iPhone XR

Currently, the iPhone XR’s A12 Bionic chip is still very powerful and can meet most of the users’ needs from surfing the web, watching movies or playing popular Mobile games. According to calculations, iPhone XR still works stably for a long time through at least 2 more iOS updates.

As for the camera, the iPhone XR only has a single camera, but it can take portraits to remove fonts easily. The point that makes it worth the money lies in the second-generation FaceID device that offers the most advanced screen unlocking method on the market today. With the iPhone XR, users still have to accept the outdated LCD screen.

Should you buy iPhone XR?

Buying iPhone XR will help users save a lot of money. Especially if you consider that it is on par with OPPO A96 – a smartphone with a configuration that is not too prominent in the mid-range.

Buy iPhone XR if you are looking to experience iOS for the first time at the lowest possible cost. In addition, if you are not in the technology race, the iPhone XR is still a smartphone worth buying.

Do not buy iPhone XR if you have a lot of and complicated shooting needs. For shooting needs, buying iPhone 11 or later will be a better choice.

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