The latest Kia Carens 2022 rolling price;  Honda Wave 125i 2023 to Vietnamese dealers

The latest Kia Carens 2022 rolling price; Honda Wave 125i 2023 to Vietnamese dealers


2022-11-18 14:45:44

Close-up of Honda Wave 125i 2023 imported from Thailand has just arrived at a Vietnamese dealer, the price is as expensive as Honda SH

After only about a month of being introduced in Thailand, the Honda Wave 125i 2023 model number has officially arrived at a Vietnamese dealer in the form of a CBU import. Accordingly, the first batch of Honda Wave 125i 2023 cars has been sold by a private dealer in Ho Chi Minh City with the number of about 20 units and most of them in the white version.

Compared to its predecessor, the Honda Wave 125i 2023 has many new upgrades in both design and technology. Although still keeping the typical lines of this digital car, the new Honda Wave 125i has been refined at the front with LED headlights with a more elaborate design. In addition, the Honda Wave 125i 2023 also has a positioning light cluster integrated with the front turn signal lights with an X-shaped shape, in tune with the taillights at the rear of the car.

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The latest Kia Carens 2022 rolling price: Easy to become a ‘hot’ product thanks to its attractive price

After many days of waiting, the Kia Carens 2022 model was finally introduced in the Vietnamese market. Kia Carens 2022 is the final piece to complete KIA’s SUV product line in Vietnam, promising to soon become its new “golden egg”. In the Vietnamese market, Kia Carens 2022 is distributed with 7 versions, 3 engine options and prices ranging from VND 619 to VND 859 million.

Three engine options on Kia Carens 2022 include a 1.5L petrol engine with a capacity of 113 hp and a maximum torque of 144 Nm, a 1.4L turbocharged petrol engine with a maximum capacity of 138 hp and a maximum torque of 138 hp. maximum torque of 242 Nm and 1.5L diesel engine with a maximum capacity of 113 horsepower and maximum torque of 250 Nm. The gearbox options that come with are a continuously variable intelligent transmission, a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

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New Generation Ford Ranger Raptor Ready To Conquer Challenging Terrain At Baja 1000

Ford Performance worked with Kelly Racing of Australia to create the Baja-ready Ranger Raptor, and Lovell Racing (USA) will develop and race the car in Baja, starting this November 18. Lovell Racing is led by Brad Lovell, a veteran off-road racer with multiple off-road championships. Lovell Racing is one of Ford Performance’s key off-road teams.

The Ranger has long been a global symbol of Ford. The car was built and tested in Australia before being shipped to the US for development and final testing in preparation for the endurance race.

“By participating in this event, we are continuing a test and development process that has spanned hundreds of thousands of kilometers and pushed the Ranger Raptor to new heights.” Brian Novak – Ford Performance Sports Off-Road Operations Supervisor said.

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Honda Vietnam introduces a powerful new sports version of WINNER X – ‘Hurry up to the throne’

First introduced to the market in mid-2019, the WINNER X model, as the name suggests, is likened to a mysterious X-factor of a new generation of powerful, superior clutches that bring to the user. Using many breakthrough experiences, it is expected to create a new generation of manual clutch cars, dominating the passions and emotions of customers who love this car. After more than 4 years of marking in the Vietnamese market, WINNER X has increasingly improved technology, made breakthroughs in equipment, affirming its position as one of the leading manual clutch models in the Vietnamese market.

The recently released version of WINNER X 2022 has captured the love of customers. Following that success, on November 11, 2022, Honda Vietnam renewed the sport version of WINNER X with new colors and stamps: sportier, more youthful.

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