The latest Ninja Legends code and how to enter the code

The latest Ninja Legends code and how to enter the code

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2021-06-20 09:56:49

Codes of Roblox games often have codes that give players in-game currency. Then gamers change the code into money and buy whatever they want.

There are games that do not give money but give skins and items to players and do not give money. For example, code Mad City only gives character skins and car skins, items… Different from other games like Code Murder Mystery, Code Project XL, Code Sharkbite… Only give players money or experience experience.

Code Ninja Legend also only gives players money, including diamonds, spending and training time along with some other items. You can find these items by the code below.

Latest Ninja Legends Code

Auto Train

  • epictrain15 – 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  • roboninja15 – 15 Minutes of Auto-Training

Code to receive Gems

  • christmasninja500 – 500 Gems

Code to receive Chi

  • Get 50 million Chi – innerpeace5k
  • Get Chi – skyblades10K
  • Get Chi – silentshadows1000
  • Get Chi – darkelements2000
  • Get Chi – silentshadows1000
  • Get Chi – omegasecrets5000
  • Get Chi – ultrasecrets10k
  • Get Chi – elementmaster750
  • Get Chi – secretcrystal1000
  • Get Chi – skymaster750
  • Get Chi – legends700m
  • Get Chi – dojomasters500
  • Get Chi – dragonlegend750
  • Get Chi – zenmaster500
  • Get Chi – epicelements500
  • Get Chi – goldninja500
  • Get Paid – goldupdate500
  • Get Chi – legends500m
  • Get Chi – senseisanta500
  • Get Chi – blizzardninja500
  • Get Chi – mythicalninja500
  • Get Chi – legendaryninja500
  • Get Chi – shadowninja500
  • Get Paid – legends200M
  • Get Chi – epicflyingninja500
  • Get Chi – flyingninja500
  • Get Chi – dragonwarrior500
  • Get Chi – swiftblade300
  • Get Paid – DesertNinja250
  • Get Chi – fastninja100
  • Get Chi – epicninja250
  • Get Chi – masterninja750

Code to receive Souls

  • 20 Souls: sparkninja20
  • 5 Souls: soulhunter5

How to enter code Ninja Legends

Step 1: In the main interface, you just need to select the familiar Code icon on the right edge.

Step 2: Done then enter the code Type Code Here and press Enter to get the corresponding reward.

code ninja legends

Most are codes to receive Chi and gems, so you will see the rewards added immediately. The above codes will have an import time limit or import time. Please update Ninja legends code regularly in CHK’s article.

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