The latest price of the Honda SH Mode 2021 in August is shocking, despite the unbelievable discount of the “junior” Honda Vision

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2022-08-09 02:15:40

In the Vietnamese market, Honda SH Mode 2022 is one of the best-selling scooter models next to “brothers” such as Honda Vision, Lead, SH 125i/150i, etc. Right from the time the new version was launched, the price SH Mode cars at Vietnamese dealers are recording strong fluctuations.

Honda SH Mode 2022 has a modern appearance with a unique V-shaped mask, an impressive diamond logo in the center and an eye-catching headlight, lighting and headlights system, combined with solid lines. Angle in the body of the car creates a luxurious and personal appearance.

The manufacturer has equipped a series of utilities such as smart lock system, spacious trunk for customers to store helmets and other belongings, instrument cluster displaying basic parameters such as speed, distance and distance. signal lights, comfortable footrests for users.

The vehicle dimensions are as follows: D x R x C is 1,950 x 669 x 1,100 mm, respectively, the wheelbase is 1,304mm, the seat height is 765mm, the ground clearance is 130mm, and the weight is at 116 kg.

Honda SH Mode uses a new eSP + engine block inherited from the newly launched SH brother with 4 valves, a capacity of 124.8 cc and liquid-cooled. This engine has a maximum capacity of 11 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and maximum torque of 11.7 Nm at 5,000 rpm, integrated PGM – FI electronic fuel injection technology, engine shutdown system. temporary Idling Stop, ACG integrated starter and EVAPO gas vapor control system.

Refer to the latest price list of Honda SH Mode cars in August 2022:

Price of Honda SH Mode 2022 Suggested price

Paper bag dealer price

Price of car SH Mode 2022 CBS Standard version 55,659,000 VND 76,300,000 won
Price of car SH Mode 2022 ABS Fashion version 60,666,000 won 88,000,000 won
Price of car SH Mode 2022 Special edition ABS 61,844,000 won 89,000,000 VND

The above price list is for reference only, customers should contact the nearest dealer for more details.

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