The latest Survive The Killer Code and how to enter the code

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2021-05-27 23:52:49

Skip the Roblox anime games like My Hero Mania, Grand Piece Online, Muscle Legends, All Star Tower Defense. We will come to Survive the Killer, a pretty attractive survival horror game.

In the game, you can be a murderer or do anything just to survive. The goal of the survivors is to stay away from the killer until the time runs out so they can hide from the map. Survivors will have three lives and can respawn.

The goal of the killer is to destroy all survivors before they can escape from the map.

It may sound like no code, but you can still enter the Survive the Killer code to get knives, money, exp and more. When other players try to earn these things in the game you just need to enter the code and get them easily. Here is a list of Survive the Killer codes and how to enter them.

Survive the Killer code and how to enter

New Code Survive the Killer

  • LUCKY2021 – Lucky Carver Knife
  • CUPID2021 – Heartbreaker Knife

Old Code Survive the Killer

  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS – Holiday Knife
  • SPOOKY2020 – Hollowed Moon Knife
  • FULLMOON – Burlap Brute’s Chains
  • CHEESE – Cheeseworth’s Cheesy Chopper
  • SAWBLADE – Sawblade’s Jigsaw Knife
  • WhatsTheCode – 300k Knife
  • ThatsALotOfVisits – Ribbons of Gold Knife
  • DEVIOUS – Devious Dagger
  • KILLERCRAZE: Happy’s Circus Knife
  • CHUCKY: Chucky’s Rattle Knife
  • SPOON: You received the Spoon Knife
  • MASHEDPOTATOES – Purple Pinstripe Knife
  • TRADINGWHEN – Sunlit Glass Knife.
  • CRATESSOON – Patched Knife.
  • TEST – Test Knife
  • 10M – 10 Million Celebration Knife
  • 5MILLION – 100 Coins & 50 XP
  • LUCKY2020 – Clover Carver Knife
  • FRIDAY13 – Friday 13 Knife or Rusty Dagger
  • 10M – 10 Million Celebration Knife
  • CUPID – Heart Breaker Knife

How to enter code Survive the Killer

Find the icon Codes right in the toolbar below.

Then enter one of the codes above into the box Enter Code Here and press Redeem.

code survive the killers

Next you will see the general gifts corresponding to the code will appear shortly after.

code survive the killers

How to enter Survive the Killer code is very simple, isn’t it. Be sure to check this article regularly for the latest Survive the Killer codes in the game.

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